Sunday, 30 October 2016

Its Proper Place.

What is the proper place for sex?

Sex is a natural part of life.

Sex is the source of life itself.

It is very strong in adolescence when it is mixed with feelings of love and desire for union with another.

It could be said that the feeling of finding a personal partner with whom to consummate our love is the strongest feeling we have.

So notions of disapproval and negative attitudes to sex are highly inappropriate.

Religion is largely responsible for these negative attitudes.

If St. Paul had his way the human race would die out altogether.

The time has come to find a proper place for sex that is not ruled by fear or disgust.

Sex is good.

Sex is Life.

Sex is Love.

So do not be afraid of sex.

It is a blessing.

It is a gift from God.

And it is everyone's right to enjoy it.

Photo Credit: Muscle Gallery.

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