Saturday, 29 February 2020


Today in church was the first Sunday of Lent and we had readings about temptation: Adam and Eve and Jesus in the wilderness.

My take on these readings is that they are attempts to explain our experience of evil in the world.

But contrary to the texts I do not believe that evil has a supernatural origin.

I believe that evil in our world is the result of the ignorant actions of human beings with free-will.

It is not the actions of some devil or dark forces.

The world offers temptation enough: power, money, status, oppression; prejudice, violence, abuse, hate.....

These things corrupt us and divert us from our purpose.

Which is Love.

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Love Songs.

Have you ever noticed that most of the love songs put out by rock stars are about leaving love?

They never seem to be about successful love relationships.

They are about broken hearts.

Sex and drugs and rock and roll ruined two generations' relationships.

They are all divorced.

And this was done deliberately by Satanists in rock music.

They turned peace and love into war and hate.

And they asked: "What is more important love or immortality?"

These subversive tactics have left two-thirds of the population single.

And two generations without love.

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Friday, 28 February 2020

God of Color.

God is a God of Color.

God is Light.

And so God is Color.

Black is darkness.

Black is sin, death, suicide.

Black is depression and negativity.

Black is evil.

But God is Good.

And God is Color.

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Thursday, 27 February 2020

God's Promise.

Jesus said: "'Isaiah prophesied rightly about you hypocrites, as it is written, "This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me."'"  Mark 7:6 (NRSV)

This is significant because God looks upon the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7)

God is not so concerned with our obedience to rigid commandments and laws as He is with the condition of our hearts.

This can be seen in the exhortations of the Old Testament prophets: the orphan, the widow, the alien; the poor, the naked, the oppressed.....

"I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh and give them a heart of flesh."  Ezekiel 11:19 (NRSV)

This is God's promise to Israel.

And His promise to us.   

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright ©  1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ ion the U. S. A., and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.]

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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Pray for the Powers.

The powers of this world are controlled by evil.

Their corrupt practices are hidden by darkness.

Deception and lies cover their crimes.

They attack their enemies with hate campaigns.

And they conspire with evil in the popular culture.

Pray for them to turn from evil.

Pray for them to see God's Love.

Pray for them to overcome their fears.

Pray for them to open their hearts.

Only then will the world change. 

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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Do You Know?

I wonder whether all those youths with their caps on backwards and tattoos of skulls and snakes realize what they represent.

They are symbols of Satanism.

Satanism is backwards and upside-down, and skulls represent death.
Snakes are obvious symbols of the devil.

Do you realize that the purpose of Satanism is to get your soul into hell?

Hence all the fire.

And if you do realize then how come no one believes me when I tell them that Satanism is rife in our popular culture.

Wake up!

We are being deceived.

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Monday, 24 February 2020


If you are going to reform the Church half-measures will not work.

Fudging change while hanging on to old ways will not be seen as authentic reform.

Sitting on the fence and trying to please everyone is doomed to failure.

The Church has to be seen to be genuinely contrite about child sexual abuse.

And genuine about changes to theology and preaching.

It also has to be seen to have genuinely changed its stance on homosexuality and sexuality in general.

Half-measures will not work.

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Sunday, 23 February 2020


Why have so many people left the Church?

There are a number of factors:

Firstly, the Orthodox interpretation of Christianity no longer makes sense to an educated public.

Secondly, Satanism in rock music and entertainment works actively to destroy the Churches.

Thirdly, they are preaching the wrong things.

Finally, those in the Churches do not practise what they preach.

All of these factors combine to see our churches empty.

But there can be no revival until the authorities in the Churches address these factors.

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Saturday, 22 February 2020


The Koran talks repeatedly about the sin of Lot.

This is assumed to be homosexuality because Lot lived in Sodom.

But the Bible tells us that the sin of Sodom was that she had: "pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy."  Ezekiel 16:49 (NRSV)

And many modern scholars claim that Sodom's sin was a breach of Middle Eastern hospitality customs.

It is interesting to note that the only time that Jesus mentioned Sodom was in the context of hospitality.  (Luke 10:12)

So it is not at all certain that Lot sinned at all.

But the terror of punishment which is contained in the Koran prevails.

And homosexuality is condemned.

But God does not condemn homosexuality.

His Love does not discriminate.

He loves us like His gay sons.

And a good father does not condemn his gay sons.

So we need to reinterpret the Koran in the light of modern scholarship.

And banish the fear of homosexuality for good.

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.]

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Friday, 21 February 2020

The Cure.

The justification for religious people's condemnation of homosexuality is that AIDS is a punishment from God for their sin.

So now that AIDS is virtually cured how can they continue to justify persecuting gays and lesbians?

Doctors can now stop HIV from developing into AIDS.
So no one dies of AIDS anymore.

And when treated HIV is undetectable which means that you cannot pass it on to your partner.

And there is a pill called PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) which can stop you getting HIV.

So AIDS is virtually cured.

This leaves the flimsy evidence of contested passages of scripture.

But now that AIDS is no longer a death sentence the fear that drives homophobia is gone.

And soon the condemnation will be gone also. 

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Thursday, 20 February 2020


Gay men go to Heaven.

And the gay men who died of AIDS are in Heaven.

How do I know this?

Because God has promised me.

And I have seen them:

Clothed in white and sitting by the river, safe and happy in the Love of God.

Do not listen to those who tell you that gay men are damned to hell.

They are basing their views on outdated texts in the Bible.

Texts which have been challenged and discredited.

The gay men who died of AIDS are in Heaven.

And gay men will go to Heaven when they die.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

What Can We Do?

11% of the world's population go hungry every day.

1% of the world's population own half the world's wealth.

Rich corporations control the flow of money.

They pass their greed off as serving their shareholders.

It may be possible to get an item on the AGM agenda but if the shareholders vote it down what can we do?

Land grabs, slave labor, sweatshops, exploitation, intimidation, and corruption are common practices among the corporations.

But even if these practices are exposed no one ever seems to take responsibility for them.

They are denied, blamed on subsidiaries, justified, hidden, and ignored.

What can we do?

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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

A Father's Love.

We all seek our father's love.

We seek his approval and his blessing.

But God is our ultimate Father.

Jesus called Him Papa.

And God called him Son.

Love God and love your neighbor.

Then you will be Home.

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Monday, 17 February 2020

The Rod.

My grandparents' generation lived by the quote: "Those who spare the rod hate their children."  Proverbs 13:24 (NRSV)

This was paraphrased as: "Spare the rod and spoil the child."

But this is to instruct with violence and fear.

And violence and fear beget violence and fear.

But there is no evidence that God punishes wrongdoing.

"Why do the wicked live on, reach old age, and grow mighty in power?"
"Their houses are safe from fear, and no rod of God is upon them."  Job 21:7,9 (NRSV)

Jesus said: "'Do not resist an evildoer.  But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also.'"  Matthew 5:39 (NRSV)

God's way is the way of non-violent Love.

And we should be the same.

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S,A., and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.]

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Sunday, 16 February 2020

The Polite Assassin.

She'll try to kill you.

But she'll be terribly polite about it.

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Saturday, 15 February 2020


People who think that they are bad for whatever reason are jealous of good people and try to corrupt them and bring them down.

Failing this they try to kill them.

This scenario is played out in the Biblical story of Cain and Abel.

Cain is jealous of God's blessing of the virtuous Abel and kills his good brother.

But what makes people think that they are bad in the first place?

A dark side, demons, and a fascination with evil are common characteristics of bad people.

They may have been naughty children.

But God can take away their demons and turn them to the good.

If only they would pray.

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Friday, 14 February 2020


I may be older but I am young enough to remember what it was like to be young and virile and looking for love.

Sex was an urgent need.

And this is how it was meant to be.

The rules of religion were made by old men who no longer felt the need to express their sexuality.

Therefore they traded sex for spirituality.

But this was never what God intended.

Sex does not banish spirituality.

It is possible to be sexually active and spiritually elevated as well.

The sex act does not cancel our relationship with God.

The idea that sexual orgasm leads to death is propaganda put out by Satanists with a vested interest in spiritual death.

These are lies circulated to deceive us.

God's attitude to sex is matter of fact.

He does not entertain the phobias and aversions that his priests and ministers suffer from.

So do not feel that your sexuality is bad or dirty in some way.

Sexuality, including homosexuality, is a normal part of life.

And we should teach our children that.

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Thursday, 13 February 2020


A baby cries until you give him love.

A child delights in his parents' love.

An adolescent feels the stirrings of love.

An adult searches the world for love.

To be loved is good.

But to love someone is even better.

We look for love in the outside world.

But we find love in our own hearts.

Give love.

This is the ultimate lesson.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Love Story.

Whatever happened to the love story?

The mass-media has abandoned all references to love.

Hollywood history is full of great love stories.

But now we have marvel movies and superheroes.

We have exchanged the power of love for the love of power.

Our heroes are beings with strange supernatural powers.

And they are not all good either!

Most of them turn to evil for their power.

Sex has replaced love as the motivation for relationships.

And no one mentions ethics.

So pray that Hollywood rediscovers the love story.

Because love is the purpose of life.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2020

The Beast.

"Behold the Beast that was, is not, and yet is." Revelation 17:8 (KJV)

This passage from Revelation describes perfectly the phenomenon of modern Satanism.

It was because rock stars and celebrities sold their souls.

It is not because the devil is not real.

And yet it is because the damage they do remains.

It is brutality and violence.

It is sabotage and subterfuge.

It is hate and evil.

And it is real.

[KJV - King James Bible.]

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Monday, 10 February 2020


Our entertainment is religiously evil.

Supernatural forces are invariably malevolent.

Thrillers are universally threatening.

Violence and hate dominate our culture.

And this is no accident.

It is done deliberately by evil people and those who would control us.

Increasingly people's fear serves to elect a strong man who will protect us.

A dictator.

A tyrant.

Someone who will put down the threat.

So turn off the T.V. and stay home.

Pray that God will deliver us from evil.

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Sunday, 9 February 2020

Darkness to Light.

They love the darkness for their deeds are evil.

We are in the grip of evil.

Rock music, sports, and entertainment are infected with Satanism.

Anything which results in fame and wealth is prone to Satanism.

They sell their souls and do the devil's work.

And they are in league with our corporate masters.

But darkness hides them.

For their deeds are evil.

They actually try to intensify the darkness until it is pitch black.

So you cannot see them.

They disturb you and distract you.

They curse you.

And they kill.

Pray for the Light.

Look for enlightenment.

Follow the prophets.

And not the false prophets.

Or the Beast.

But true prophets.

Those who have achieved enlightenment.

Those who show mercy and compassion.

Those who forgive.

Those who love.

For it is through these things that God enlightens us.

For this is the nature of God.

And this is the face of God that we seek.

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Saturday, 8 February 2020


Sex is the consummation of love.

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Friday, 7 February 2020

The Heart.

If we think of spirituality as a set of moral principles we may fall into the trap of rigid Legalism which the Pharisees practised.

This is centered in the mind.

But true spirituality is centered in the heart.

And the heart makes concessions according to understanding.

As Jesus did.

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Thursday, 6 February 2020

Love and Tears.

At the heart of all religions you will find two things:

Love and Tears.

Love for all humanity.

And Tears for their suffering.

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Wednesday, 5 February 2020


Rather than blaming them and calling them agents of the devil we should be praying for the Hippies.

Praying that they see what has been done to them.

Praying that they see who has done it and why.

Praying for them to turn to God and be healed.

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Tuesday, 4 February 2020


There has always been an element in our world who will embraced evil and worship Satan.

But, far from being a fringe minority, this phenomenon saturates our popular culture.

Since the 1960s rock bands and superstars have been selling their souls and filling their music with Satanic suggestion.

This is subtle and sinister.

And it is hidden behind a mask.

But sex and drugs and rock and roll has ruined whole generations of youth.

And their malevolent music is still popular today.

Rock music is Satanism.

We can do without it.

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Monday, 3 February 2020


The world's religions should concentrate on cooperating with each other in a bid to banish the world-wide conspiracy of Satanism which has engulfed us.

Instead of fighting over who has the true message we should be looking for points of agreement.

To treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves is a view common to all religions.

To treat people with compassion resonates with everyone.

That God is merciful is universal.

But the heart of each religion is God's Love for all humanity.

It is here that the world's religions meet.

And it is Love that will banish evil.

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Sunday, 2 February 2020

Getting It Right.

We should not be teaching people to judge.

We should not be teaching people to hate.

We should not be telling people they are guilty sinners.

We should not be holier than thou.

We should not be teaching people to fear.

We should learn to listen.

We should learn to weep.

We should learn to help.

But most of all:

We should learn to love.

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Saturday, 1 February 2020


The Buddhist practice of Maitri or loving kindness is named after the New Age Buddha Maitreya.

He is depicted with his left hand over his heart and his right hand in a gesture of blessing.

He balances tranquility and thought.

And he practises abundance and contentment.

He achieves full enlightenment.

In China he is identified with the Laughing or Happy Buddha.

Photo Credit: Himalayanmart.