Sunday, 29 March 2015

You Think You Can Tell.

So you think you can tell what is good from what is evil.

We thought we could tell also.

But we were wrong.

The rock music we listened to every day was saturated with subtle sabotage and evil.

Drugs, hedonism, excess, promiscuity, rebellion, and blasphemy.....all these things and more were hidden in the music.

Darkness hid them and we were blind.

The rock stars who created this music used the principles of Satanism and black magic in their art.  These things were cleverly disguised.  And we were oblivious to their treachery.

The desired result was that we would all go to hell.

But God saved me.

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Friday, 27 March 2015

One of the Boys.

When we are young and inexperienced we think that being one of the boys (i.e. being socially acceptable) must be the right thing to do.

Having a beer with the boys and being popular seem ideal goals.

But with this attitude comes fear of rejection or ridicule by the mob.
The worst of which is being called a poofter.

This fear rules men all their lives.
It can even result in physical poofter-bashing.

But is this the right thing to do in any case?

Aspiring to be one of the boys and indulging in drinking and sex may not be the ideal lifestyle it seems.

Because everybody is doing this does not necessarily make it the ideal objective.

As we grow older we come to see that this pleasure-seeking lifestyle does not make us happy.

So what makes us happy?

Only Love.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015


For those of you who require a ransom for souls:

Gays and lesbians have suffered intensely because of AIDS and the prejudice and hatred they have experienced.
This suffering acts as a ransom for their souls for those who require it.

It is not required by God.

Hippies and baby-boomers have also suffered, along with gays and lesbians, because of Satanism in their music.  This induced drug addiction, divorce, and negativity which led to great suffering, even suicide.
It acts as a  ransom for their souls for anyone who requires it.

It is not required by God.

The older generation have remained faithful to the best of their ability and have also suffered at the hands of fate in the form of the depression, the war, and their children's hatred and rebellion.
Well done true and faithful servants.

So all generations are bound for heaven.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Post-Colonial Religion.

Post-colonial religion seeks to eliminate the imperial elements of the religion (Christianity) which was spread by Europeans during the period of colonization.

This Colonial Christianity treated indigenous  religions as a kind of spiritual terra nullius (empty land), i.e. they had no value.

Post-colonial religion must recognize that there was a different kind of spirituality practiced by the native inhabitants of the countries that the Europeans colonized.

We now have the unique opportunity to salvage the best of both religions in each country and to synergize them into a rainbow of religions across the world.

We can combine ahimsa (non-violence) with the Compassionate, the Merciful; the Prince of Peace with the compassionate Buddha; the Rainbow Serpent with the Almighty Creator.....

To do this we must put aside our differences and relinquish our colonial parochialism and open our hearts to a new way of being together.

And create a new world.

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Saturday, 21 March 2015


The Satanism which has infected our entertainment is becoming more and more widespread.

It now appears in most television programs and sports in the mass-media.

It began with rock music in the 1960s when superstars sold their souls to the devil and used black magic in their music and later in videos.

This was cleverly disguised as popular culture.

Most rock bands are involved and their dark practices can be traced through sabotage and backtracking.

Biblical references like temptation and death are common in their music, as are backwards references and violence.

Deafness, dumbness, and blindness - the opposite of Christian principles - appear in their music and images of death and darkness appear in their videos.

They may even reference the devil or wear horns.

These things have spread to other areas of our entertainment industries.

It now affects television, movies, theater, literature, and sports.  

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

False Gods.

The corporate plutocrats who have assumed the position of the conservative establishment have established a power base which is created by violence and maintained by fear.

We live our lives as if they are God.

But they are not.

In the Biblical narrative they are the Romans - i.e. the dominant power in the world.

Our armies defend them and our media supports them.

But these worldly ways are not the ways of God.

God is gentle and non-violent, even small.
He does not use force or coercion.
He does not punish or judge.

God is forgiveness, compassion, understanding, and Love.

He is patient with us and will not condemn.

Pray to God and He will deliver you.

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Monday, 16 March 2015


Aquarius is an air sign, it governs our concepts.

Progressive Christianity involves a restructuring of our conceptual apparatus.

Old, negative concepts and doctrines are being replaced by new, positive concepts and doctrines.

Original Blessing is replacing Original Sin.

The historical Jesus is replacing the Christ of the Church.

An explanation for Jesus' death that lays responsibility at the feet of earthly powers is replacing Penal Substitution.

The Love and forgiveness of the Father is replacing judgement and punishment.

But it is when we reach the concept of unconditional love that we enter the sanctuary and meet God face to face.

Love is the door that leads to God.

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Fill Me With Your Love.

The Problem I have with people who pray for God to fill them with Love is that they are not giving love themselves.

They pray for God to fill them as if they are an empty vessel.

This will not happen.

God wants us to create our own love.

To become loving people.

He wants us to give love to Him and to the people around us.

We cannot just wait for God to do everything.

We must act ourselves.

And give love to God and our neighbors.

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Glory of God.

When we prayed in church, "Open our eyes to your glory in our world." I was taken aback.  I felt that what we see in the world is violence, injustice, and suffering.

I could understand that.

But glory?

When I arrived home I looked out the window and saw the wattle tree in full bloom.  And suddenly it occurred to me: this was God's glory in our world - the wonders of nature that reflect the nature of God - beauty and abundance.

We can give thanks for that.

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Monday, 9 March 2015

A Place in Heaven.

The message that gays and lesbians are getting from the media is uncompromisingly negative where religion is concerned.

The message that gays and lesbians are an abomination to God and that they are evil and that they will burn in hell when they die is the only message they are given.

It's no wonder people deny the existence of God.

But this is a false message.

It is propagated by the media in the interest of conflict which they think makes viewing more compelling.

You never hear a Christian supporting gays and lesbians in the media.

But the truth is that God does not condemn homosexuals.
He accepts our sexuality as something natural (it appears in nature) and normal (it is not an aberration).

So gay people are free to establish a relationship with God based on mutual love and trust.

And we can be sure of our place in heaven.

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Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Trickle Down Effect.

When AIDS first struck our world what was needed was a compassionate response.

I remember thinking that what AIDS sufferers needed was the compassion and love of God.  And this could be expressed through the sympathy of Jesus.

Unfortunately what happened was the exact opposite.

The Christian followers of Jesus rejected us outright and doubled our suffering by sending us to hell.  Others declared us sinful and tried to straighten us.

What we need now is the trickle down effect.
The trickling down of God's tears through the hardened hearts of His believers.
Opening hearts as He proceeds.

It is no coincidence that Aquarius governs homosexuality.

It is our job to carry the water to those who are suffering, including those who are suffering from AIDS.

And to open our hearts to the sick and the grieving.

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Thursday, 5 March 2015


What messages come from God?

Consideration for others.
Eternal Life.

This is a recipe for Life.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Lie to Me.

What messages are we getting from our rock stars and celebrities?

Enjoy yourself.
Get drunk.
Take drugs.
Party hard.
Have affairs.
Leave your marriage.
Abuse losers.
Eat, drink, and get laid.
Take expensive holidays.
Pamper yourself.
Don't make sacrifices for others.
Think of yourself.
Be filthy.
Be wicked.
And make a bucket list.

Add to this hate the Church and deny God.

And you have the perfect recipe for misery and suicide.

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