Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Trickle Down Effect.

When AIDS first struck our world what was needed was a compassionate response.

I remember thinking that what AIDS sufferers needed was the compassion and love of God.  And this could be expressed through the sympathy of Jesus.

Unfortunately what happened was the exact opposite.

The Christian followers of Jesus rejected us outright and doubled our suffering by sending us to hell.  Others declared us sinful and tried to straighten us.

What we need now is the trickle down effect.
The trickling down of God's tears through the hardened hearts of His believers.
Opening hearts as He proceeds.

It is no coincidence that Aquarius governs homosexuality.

It is our job to carry the water to those who are suffering, including those who are suffering from AIDS.

And to open our hearts to the sick and the grieving.

Photo Credit: blessed faun via Compfight cc

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