Monday, 23 March 2015

Post-Colonial Religion.

Post-colonial religion seeks to eliminate the imperial elements of the religion (Christianity) which was spread by Europeans during the period of colonization.

This Colonial Christianity treated indigenous  religions as a kind of spiritual terra nullius (empty land), i.e. they had no value.

Post-colonial religion must recognize that there was a different kind of spirituality practiced by the native inhabitants of the countries that the Europeans colonized.

We now have the unique opportunity to salvage the best of both religions in each country and to synergize them into a rainbow of religions across the world.

We can combine ahimsa (non-violence) with the Compassionate, the Merciful; the Prince of Peace with the compassionate Buddha; the Rainbow Serpent with the Almighty Creator.....

To do this we must put aside our differences and relinquish our colonial parochialism and open our hearts to a new way of being together.

And create a new world.

Photo Credit: papayatreelimited via Compfight cc

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