Monday, 20 May 2019


God has only one characteristic and that is Love.*

Any suggestions - Biblical. Traditional, Fundamentalist, or Evangelical - that God is angry, violent, vengeful, punitive, or hateful are wrong.

God is Love.

And as His children we must give love in His name.

Then the world will be transformed.

And we will be happy and peaceful at last.

(*Attributed to Julian of Norwich.)

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Sunday, 19 May 2019


The Australian federal election which has just been decided is another victory for the power of hate.

The right-wing Liberal Party ran on an agenda of punishing asylum seekers and the poor.

Their only policies were negative and the whole of their campaign was based on fear.

And the people in my church were smiling and saying how wonderful it was that they'd won.

What's the use of saying you support asylum seekers and the poor if you're going to vote for the people who oppress them.

It's blatant hypocrisy.

And it cannot be tolerated.

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Hate 4.

The ultimate example of hate is Satanism.

Those who turn to Satan blame God for their suffering.

Which is perhaps understandable.

They may have been abused by priests or religious people.

And they blame God for the suffering they experience.

So they hate God.

Satan seems reasonable by comparison.

He offers a contract to get what you want in return for your eternal soul.

God is such a bastard that you wouldn't want to go to Heaven anyway.

But the God that they are rejecting is not the real God.

The traditional God of the Church who judges and punishes us, who bullies women and castrates men is not the true God.

God loves us.

And He wants us to be happy.

And so they will be exonerated.

And included in the Love of God.

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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Hate 3.

When two generations have passed the power reverts to the other side.

And the older generation combines with the young to take revenge on their children for the hurt that their hate has caused them.

This may also be unconscious.

"Why can't they be like we were - perfect in every way."

"What's the matter with kids today."

So we are all guilty of the same thing and that is resorting to hate.

Every group designates an enemy.

And this enemy is the focus of their hatred.

We think that they are responsible for what is wrong with the world.

So if we defeat and destroy them all will be well.

But this is not what happens.

We are resorting to hate.

And hate begets hate.

It will not resolve the suffering we experience.

In fact it makes it worse.

Only Love can free us from our suffering.

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Friday, 17 May 2019

Hate 2.

When we are children we may suffer abuse.

And when we are teenagers we suffer.

The prospect of entering an adult world without love is unbearable.

So we blame our parents.

Each successive generation hates their parents' generation.

Because they blame them for what is wrong with the world.

And this world makes us suffer.

All of this, of course, takes place on an unconscious level.

So we may be unaware of what we are doing.

But the results are plain.

A world full of hate.

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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Hate 1.

Why do so many teenagers hate their parents?

I know that I hated my father for along time.

Although I didn't know why.

The reason, I later discovered, was because I felt he didn't love me as I thought he should.

He was cold and distant.

And I felt unloved.

And the prospect of entering a world without love was unbearable.

So I hated him.

But eventually I came to realize that this was not entirely his fault.

His father had died when he was three years old and his stepfather was a strict disciplinarian.

His mother had nearly died in childbirth and she would chase his stepfather around the house with a knife if he tried to make love to her.

This instilled a lot of fear in my father.

And he never developed the capacity to show love to others.

Therefore he couldn't love us.

So I forgave him.

After that I saw my father as a fellow human being, scarred like the rest of us, who had done the best he could.

He provided for our family and at least he didn't abuse us.

And my hate was gone.   

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019


Aquarius is the Water Carrier.

And water flows.

If we can learn how to give then the love from our hearts will flow to the places of need.

We must overcome the fear that hardens our hearts and give love.

Then the Waters of Aquarius will flow freely.

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