Monday, 31 December 2018

The Chosen One.

Dune, Star Wars, The Man Who Fell to Earth, The Long and Winding Road, Once there was a way, Monty Python, Rocket Man, Beauty and the Beast, It's No Game, Drugs, Mind Games, Trips, Hotel California, and many more.....

These examples of The Chosen One Goes Wrong have created suffering and damnation for innocents.

Invariably the predicted savior does something wrong and becomes an agent of evil.

And make no mistake this was done quite deliberately by rock stars, novelists, and movie directors.

It is the work of Satanists in the arts.

And it has caused untold damage and suffering.

But it is inevitable that we will make mistakes in our spiritual quest.

If we persevere through study and prayer we will find our goal.

And overcome this sabotage.

God forgives us.

His Mercy is sure.

His Love is steadfast.

And His Life is everlasting.

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Sunday, 30 December 2018


The Hippie Generation were betrayed by their rock stars into a life of drugs and degradation.

They are damaged.

But rather than blaming them we should be praying for their healing.

Because it was not their fault.

It was the fault of the rock legends who betrayed them.

The Hippies are the victims of Satanism in rock music.

It was a set-up from the beginning.

We were told to take drugs and practise Yoga.

Which is a transgression of Eastern religious teachings.

So beware of anyone who tells you to take drugs to achieve enlightenment.

They are most likely Satanists.

And pray for those who have been damaged by drugs and evil to be protected and return to health.

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Saturday, 29 December 2018


Many scriptures and hymns talk about victory, conquest, and glory.

This is to try to win.

It is the way of the world to win.

And many commentaries paint the Resurrection as a victory over death and evil.

As if somehow Jesus won.

But Jesus did not win in a worldly sense.

He did not live and reign on Earth.

And scriptures that claim victory and reign are misguided.

They are thinking in a worldly way.

God's final act of love for His prophet was a consolation.

He could not change the world and establish the Kingdom that He dreamed of.

But God is faithful.

He raised him from the dead to Heaven.

And what they saw was not glory but Light.

So on Earth we should not seek to win, we should only seek to love and to help.

This is the way of God.

Our reward will be the consolation prize.

But the consolation prize is greater than any empty prize on Earth.

It is the gift of life in Heaven.

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Friday, 28 December 2018


As the Indian god of light Krishna has also been said to be born at the Winter Solstice.

This is when the sun is at its most distant from the northern hemisphere and (after three days stationary) begins to return towards the north.

This date is known as The Birth of the Sun.

And it is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus because this is when the light was born into the world.

So all cultures share in the Light.

And celebrate its birth.

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Sunday, 23 December 2018

God's Love.

Although we may not be aware of it God loves us.

He is waiting for us.

He listens to our prayers.

And He knows what is best for us.

God may not respond in the way we expect.

There are things of which we are unaware.

Things that need time to change.

But God will always listen.

And He will always respond.

So love God and love your neighbor.

Then you may know the Love of God.

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Saturday, 22 December 2018


Rock music is poison.

Negative suggestion saturates their lyrics and images.

"But a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."

They lie and they deceive.

They are whited sepulchres.

Discard their curses.

Turn away from their untruths.

Return to God.

And be reconciled through Love.

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Friday, 21 December 2018


                                  (Note that the roles are backwards.)

Not only have we lost the positives of religion from our society but they have been replaced by evil.

Evil forces in our popular culture have infiltrated our consciousness with negative suggestions.

We have become wicked.

We have become bad.

We have become rogues.

We have become despicable.

We have become filthy.

We have become sinners.

We have become monsters.

We have become animals.

We have become beasts.

We have become pigs.

All these things have entered our minds through rock music and entertainment.

And it is no accident.

Satanists hiding in our popular culture have deliberately perverted our sense of self for their evil purposes.

So be aware of what you are consuming.

It may not be as harmless as you think.

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Thursday, 20 December 2018


The mass-media deals in perceptions.

It has no regard for the truth.

And it has no regard for persons.

Since the 1980s when Ronald Reagan began his counter-revolutionary campaign we have been living in a lie.

The perception that the Hippies and Baby-Boomers were in some way evil because of their liberal philosophy and their left-wing politics is a lie.

This lie was endorsed by Generation X because of their fear that left-wing ideals were not economically viable and they wanted money.

And right-wing Fundamentalist Christian organizations endorsed Reagan's vision and conspired with corporate leaders and Generation X to bring about the downfall of the left-leaning, liberal Hippies.

Standover tactics and psychic and spiritual violence saw the Baby-Boomers reconstructed as pragmatic realists.

But the right-wing vision of God is a lie.

God is not a vindictive judge and moral wowser.

God is our loving Father.

And Jesus is a prophet of love and the Prince of Peace.

The truth is much closer to the Hippies' original vision of the world.

Peace and love and the redistribution of wealth is the true manifesto of Jesus and of God.

The revolutionary forgiveness of Jesus and the radical love of God are closer to the Reality.

The conspiracy of the black shirts is an evil plot.

So be aware that the corporate-owned media manipulate our perceptions.

And they control us with fear and violence.

Look for the truth.

And have the courage of your convictions.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Warm and Fuzzy.

Many Christians ridicule love as just a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Action, they say, is what is required.

But few Christians put their faith into action.

If they did the world would be a different place.

But I say better warm and fuzzy than cold and hard.

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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

The Satanic Verses.

The Old Testament contains many violent and threatening passages.

My thesis is that these verses have been tacked on to visions of God by terrified mortals who were unable to conceive of a God without vengeance.

They succumbed to the temptation to add violence to their visions of God.

And therefore I call them Satanic Verses.

An example of this in the New Testament is The Parable of the Wedding Banquet. 

In Matthew there is a terrifying threat attached to the end of the story which is totally absent from the story in Luke.

But the worst example of this must be The Book of Revelation.

The violence and revenge imagined by John of Patmos results from his reaction to the persecution of the Churches.

He could not imagine a God who would reward those who were suffering and not take vengeance on the wicked.

But there is no evidence that God behaves this way at all.

God rewards the faithful who have suffered in His Name but He does not destroy the  wicked.

The wicked He forgives and redeems because their actions are inspired by fear.

So the violent and threatening passages in the Bible should be ignored.

They are the result of ignorance and fear.

They result from the temptations of tyranny and revenge.

They are Satanic Verses.

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Monday, 17 December 2018


Why do so many religious people have a phobia about sex?

It would seem that feelings of fear and guilt about sex became associated with concepts of the goodness and purity of God.

They feel dirty and defiled.

But this is not a healthy attitude.

In her book The Female Eunuch Germaine Greer devoted a whole chapter to loathing and disgust.

She claimed that after sex men projected their feelings of loathing and disgust onto women.

And this may be the source of religious men's phobia about sex.

From Adam and Eve to Augustine and beyond sex has been a bone of contention for religious people.

My idea, however, is that instead of banning sex or branding it bad and sinful we should develop a healthy attitude towards the pleasure of sex.

Sex is the consummation of love.

And as such it is part of God's plan for humanity.

God's Will is that we love one another.

And sex is an adjunct of love.

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Sunday, 16 December 2018

The Roof.

The Roof is what Satanists call their impersonation of God.

Satanists working in the music and entertainment industries use the mind powers which they gain by taking drugs and practising Yoga (as set out by Aleister Crowley) to create a web of evil in the collective unconscious.

This web is backwards and upside-down.

So any supernatural phenomena will be experienced backwards.

Devils in Heaven/Saints in hell.

And the highest level of this is the Roof.

But this is the last deception.

Once we make contact with God through contemplation and prayer we see that God is the opposite of this deception.

Satanism induces: guilt, torture, suffering, death, judgement, and damnation.

But God shows us: mercy, forgiveness, understanding, and Love.

So if we persevere we can make a hole in the Roof  through which we can experience the goodness of God.

"Those who love me, I will deliver;
I will protect those who know my name.
When they call me, I will answer them;
I will be with them in trouble,
I will rescue them and honor them.
With long life I will satisfy them,
and show them my salvation."
Psalm 91:14-16 (NRSV)

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.]

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Saturday, 15 December 2018


When I was quite young I wondered how there could be judgement and hell when Jesus was the epitome of forgiveness.

Later I was heard to say that the first person forgiven after Jesus' crucifixion was Judas.

I assumed that somehow the Church had developed a different theology than the one suggested by the stories of Jesus.

Jesus even consorted with prostitutes and forgave the woman caught in adultery!

So where did the Churches teachings come from?

In my experience the carrot and stick approach is enlisted by ruling elites in order to keep the masses under control.

And the Church was part of the Conservative Establishment.

So it would seem that instead of changing the State in line with Jesus' religion they changed his religion to suit the State.

And they based their teachings upon such things as tradition which Jesus had criticized in the Pharisees.

Hence the whited sepulchres.

It may come as a surprise to some, however, that this does not reflect the nature of God.

How could God's representatives not reflect the true nature of God?

Precisely for the reasons stated above.

Jesus said that the world did not know God.

It still does not.

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Friday, 14 December 2018

Children of the Living God.

"But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God."  John 1:12 (NRSV)

What does it mean to become Children of God?

Jesus uses the expression in the Beatitudes: "'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.'"  Matthew 5:9 (NRSV)

Jesus uses the word children when he is saying that a person is like something.

So Children of God means that we are like God.

If we follow Jesus' commandment to love God and love our neighbor, to love even our enemies, to love one another as he loved us, then we will be like God.

In God there is no violence. no judgement, no punishment, no hell.

He shows mercy and forgiveness to the most heinous criminals.

He writes off our debts.

So to be Children of the Living God is to be totally benevolent.

A blessing to all humankind.

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.]

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Thursday, 13 December 2018

The Day of Benediction.

Just as we have replaced Original Sin with Original Blessing so we should replace Judgement Day with Benediction Day.

Because when God comes He does not judge us He blesses us.

So those on the right are justified and honored.

And those on the left are loved and forgiven.

Because God judges no one.

He knows the reasons for our transgressions.

Our fears and our mistakes.

And He forgives us.

He blots out our errors.

And He enfolds us in His Love.

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Transcendent God.

God transcends our human concepts of dualism, authority, and power.

God is totally non-violent, totally benevolent, and totally loving.

God is our Mother/Father.

God punishes no one.

God curses no one.

God is light without darkness, good without evil, love without hatred.

God redeems even the most wicked souls.

God is transcendent - beyond sin and evil.

God is wholly good.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018


The Sign of Aquarius is an enigma.

Despite the fact that it relates to humanitarianism and universal brotherhood, the symbols of Aquarius are a mystery.

Aquarius means water but it is an air sign.

The water in the jar is life-giving - the water of life - which comes from God.

It is not spiritual knowledge as some think, unless you accept that all spiritual knowledge is about love.

The jar that the Water Carrier holds is your heart.

The hieroglyph ab.

And the life-giving water in the jar is love.

The mental concept (air) which exemplifies Aquarius is unconditional love.

So open your heart and give love to everyone.

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Monday, 10 December 2018

Homosexuality is Love.

Contrary to popular prejudice homosexuality is not a vice nor is it a sin.

Homosexuality is love.

And as such it is close to God.

God is Love.

And those who love are close to God.

So, contrary to popular prejudice, God does not hate homosexuals.

Neither does He punish us or kill us.

I know that God is with me.

A sexually active male homosexual.

God does not discriminate.

God loves me.

And He loves you too.

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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Harmful and Helpful.

Rather than moral imperatives or mental principles God's Will is merely that we refrain from what is harmful to others and ourselves and engage in what is helpful to everyone.

If we analyze the 10 Commandments the first 5 are about worshipping God and the second 5 relate to refraining from harmful behavior.

And if we look at the Beatitudes they speak to us of what is helpful behavior.

So we should not get hung up on the Thou shalt not statements.

They were never intended to instill fear in us.

They were given as guidelines to stop harmful behavior.

And we should rejoice at the Beatitudes which tell us what is helpful to everyone. 

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Saturday, 8 December 2018

A Tiny Remnant.

The Church still has further to decline before any revival can begin.

It will not die altogether - there is always a remnant.

But in 10, 15 years the older generation will be dead and the Church will be tiny.

But it is my belief that this tiny remnant will revolutionize the Church by adopting the precepts of progressive religion.

Only then, when the last hope of survival is gone, will the Church change and become what it was destined to be.

And that is an outward-looking group of people committed to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

Only then will the Church revive.

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Friday, 7 December 2018

Celebrity Culture.

We are bombarded with images and information about celebrities and wannabes.

Every day there is a new drama, a new revelation, a new sensation.

But following celebrities is folly.

Many are of dubious value.

And even more of dubious virtue.

Some are outright evil.

We are encouraged to worship them.

And copy their fashions and fetishes.

But we have been betrayed.

They are false gods.

Evil angels.

We must look elsewhere for our inspiration.

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Thursday, 6 December 2018

The Joker.

Satanists in the entertainment industries are using modern revelations about the scriptures to ridicule religion.

They hope that this will cause young people to reject religion altogether.

They are trying to destroy the Church, Religion, and even God.

Since the 1980s stand up comedians have been selling their souls for fame and fortune.

Some of the effects are obvious.

But Satanic comedy goes back to the 1960s and beyond.

They push drugs, alcohol, and violence.

Many of them are blasphemous.

So don't reject religion merely because some comedy team ridicules it.

For it is religion that will save us.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Anti-religious atheism in our world is being fed by Satanists in our popular culture.

Rock stars, comedians, commentators, sportsmen.....

All of these feed anti-Christian hatred.

How often will you hear a joke about religious issues which ridicules the Church?

How often will rock songs use religious language in a pseudo-enlightened or blasphemous way?

This is Satanism hidden in our culture.

And we would do well to recognize it.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018


After discovering the Satanic nature of rock music and much of our popular culture I returned to the Church.

And there I found all of the words and images necessary to counteract the Satanic curses I had uncovered.

This is because it was these positive words and images that they had reversed in the first place to create Satanism.

Death, darkness, hate, brutality, blame, night, hell, black, devil, evil.....

These are the words and images of Satanism.

Life, light, love, mercy, forgiveness, day, heaven, white, God, good.....

It is these things that will save us.

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Monday, 3 December 2018


Assumptions of the celibacy or sexlessness of the Christ play right into the hands of Satanists who claim dominion over all sex.

The Church gets the blame and the devil gets the sex.

This ensures that the vast majority of adolescents will choose sex.

Whether they consciously realize that they are choosing Satanism or not.

This is why their caps are on backwards and they make the sign of the devil and poke out their tongues.

These things are symbols of Satanism linked to sex.

They copy the rock stars and celebrities who have sold their souls for fame and fortune.

And they blame the Church for everything.

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Sunday, 2 December 2018

Choose Love.

We always have a choice.

When any situation confronts us we have a choice.

We can act out of fear and condemn.

Or we can act out of love and endure and forgive.

We can react and dominate.

Or we can follow the way of mercy and love.

When a dilemma presents itself.

Choose Love.

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Saturday, 1 December 2018

The True Nature of God.

So if God is not like the Church what is He like?

God is wholly benevolent, wholly good, wholly loving.

God epitomises mercy, forgiveness, compassion, and love.

There is no anger, no judgement, no punishment, no vengeance in God.

God is our loving Father.

He will not condemn us.

He redeems even the most heinous sinners.

And He takes us to Himself when we die.

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