Saturday, 29 December 2018


Many scriptures and hymns talk about victory, conquest, and glory.

This is to try to win.

It is the way of the world to win.

And many commentaries paint the Resurrection as a victory over death and evil.

As if somehow Jesus won.

But Jesus did not win in a worldly sense.

He did not live and reign on Earth.

And scriptures that claim victory and reign are misguided.

They are thinking in a worldly way.

God's final act of love for His prophet was a consolation.

He could not change the world and establish the Kingdom that He dreamed of.

But God is faithful.

He raised him from the dead to Heaven.

And what they saw was not glory but Light.

So on Earth we should not seek to win, we should only seek to love and to help.

This is the way of God.

Our reward will be the consolation prize.

But the consolation prize is greater than any empty prize on Earth.

It is the gift of life in Heaven.

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