Thursday, 31 October 2019

Freedoms and Responsibilities.

We can't expect to have absolute freedom.

There is a limit to what we can do.

It has been said that my rights end where the next man's rights begin.

So our freedoms are tempered by respect for others' rights.

And the litmus test for this is harm.

If what we wish to do is harmful to someone else then it is not to be allowed.

We cannot assault or maim or kill others.

We cannot incite hatred or violence.

These things are harmful to others.

And they are not to be allowed.

This also applies to sexual freedom.

If what we are doing is harmful to others or violating their rights then it is a crime and it is not to be allowed.

So sexual liberation is tempered by respect.

There may also be consequences.

Promiscuity must be curtailed or there is risk of disease.

So moderation is recommended.

And we cannot just get away with what we have done.

In order to be forgiven we must admit that we were wrong.

Otherwise our sin remains.

So with all of our freedoms come responsibilities.

These are the laws of consideration and common sense.

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Wednesday, 30 October 2019


As I walk the streets I see t-shirts with: stormtroopers. wild animals, witches, Satanic rock bands, everyone wearing black as if it was a funeral.

I see billboards for movies: Doom, The Evil Within, Dead Red, The Walking Dead, Maleficent, Despicable Me, Abominable and more.....

Evil is everywhere.

People are embracing it.

And it's not just today.....It's every day and night.

I want to say to them: "You're on the wrong side!"

They don't seem to realize.

They are embracing evil.

Where is the good?

Where is God?

I cry out to you Lord!

"Save us from this madness."

Only you are Good!

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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

The Myth of Redemptive Violence.

Spiritual Warfare seeks to destroy evil.

It may lead to killing evil people.

But the perception of evil in our world is highly subjective and this may lead to killing innocent people.

Our culture is saturated with the Myth of Redemptive Violence.  That is the idea that there is Good and there is Evil and Good wins by killing Evil.

It is the basis of powerful modern mythology in movies like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. 

It appears in fairytales and ancient mythology.

It inspired two World Wars and it completes the Bible with the Book of Revelation.

But the Myth of Redemptive Violence is not true.

Violence is never the answer.

It just leads to more violence.

And this myth is in direct contrast to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus said: "'You have heard that it was said, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."  But I say to you, Do not resist an evildoer.  But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also.'"  Matthew 5:38,39 (NRSV)

And: "'You have heard that it was said, "You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy."  But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be children of your Father in heaven.'"  Matthew 5:43-45 (NRSV) 

Not only does Jesus recommend non-violent love as a response to evil but he suggests that this is the nature of God Himself.

Jesus' parables are full of examples of the King writing off debts.

This is fortunate for us because we all make mistakes.

And we all need forgiveness.

So do not seek to kill and destroy evil.

Seek to redeem evil through Love.

(*The term Myth of Redemptive Violence was coined by Walter Wink in his book Engaging the Powers.)

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.]

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Monday, 28 October 2019


Contrary to the popular belief that temptation is all about sex I believe that the temptations of power and religion are far more damaging.

Those in positions of power - either political or financial - have been tempted to betray their contemporaries and use mass mind-control techniques to disempower and subjugate the workforce.

This creates a two-tier society where those with money have all the power and those who work for them are powerless.

The temptations of religion to judge others, damn your enemies, and demonize anyone who disagrees with you are even more damaging because they claim the authority of God Himself.

So unconscious influences which tempt the powerful and the religious should be recognized for what they are: agents of evil.

And their effects can be seen in the world.   

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Sunday, 27 October 2019

Too Much Power.

An investigation into the CEO of a major corporation concluded that he had been given too much power.

At last we are beginning to see what has happened in our world.

The corporate bosses have been given too much power.

They have ruled like gods over us.

But power corrupts and no regulation leads to corruption and crime.

It has resulted in the huge disparity between rich and poor in our world.

And it has led to oppression and war.

But because we had no power to stop them the corporate plutocrats ruled.

The time has come to roll back some of the power that deregulation has given to the corporations.

It is up to new leaders to re-regulate the economy to save them from themselves.

But it is not just a matter of swinging wildly from one extreme to the other.

A sensible approach to re-regulation must take into account other economic factors.

But tax avoidance and greed should be wound back.

So that we may live in a more just, more humane world. 

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Saturday, 26 October 2019


Stars are obsessed with fashion and glamour.

They seduce us with their beautiful images.

But these images are purely cosmetic.

They hide the evil and malice beneath.

So don't take everything at face value.

And don't follow superficial fashions.

They may not be as harmless as you think.

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Friday, 25 October 2019


The main reason that I warn people about Satanism in rock music is because it causes suffering.

If you look back to the 1960s and attribute drug taking and promiscuity to Satanism in rock music you will see the damage it has done.

The suffering caused by drug addiction and divorce, which was mostly because of adultery, is incalculable.

Crime, violence, addiction, and death.

These are the results.

And that was just the beginning.

The next generation openly embraced Satanism and evil.

And Satanism has spread to all areas of entertainment and sports.

Life was never meant to be this hard.

The evil influence in rock music and entertainment creates untold unnecessary suffering.

Once we are free of it our lives improve dramatically.

And if we appeal to God for help our lives will be blessed.

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Thursday, 24 October 2019


Why would Generation X turn to violence and evil to defeat the Baby-Boomers?

The answer is simple:


They were so afraid of unemployment and poverty that they coined the slogan No Future to describe their generation. 

They believed that the left-wing politics of the Baby-Boomers was responsible for the economic recession of the 1980s.

And they were so terrified of missing out that they embarked on a campaign of violence and hate against them.

Financial mismanagement became an election issue.

And Labor was labelled The Guilty Party.

Even if this was true it does not justify the use of violence, hatred, and evil.

Intimidation and reconstruction were inspired by fear.

Time will tell what history will make of Generation X.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Corporal Punishment.

Generation X insists that God smacks us.

Despite the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever that God behaves in this way they still insist on corporal punishment.

This would appear to be reactionary.

It is a rejection of the Baby Boomers' non-violent Liberalism.

But God's nature is Love.

He does not punish us.

And He does not judge us.

Generation X is wrong!

God does not smite us.

God loves us.

And Love is non-violent.

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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Prosperity Theology.

In the Old Testament the idea that obedience to God's Laws brought blessings and disobedience brought curses is clearly stated.

This Prosperity Theology survived until the time of Jesus and formed the basis of the Pharisees' beliefs.

We will also find it in the minds of the disciples.

The idea that God will cause you to prosper - to be rich, with many cattle and goats, fertile and fruitful fields, victory in war, and happy and healthy children - if you obey Him is embedded in the Law.

But the curses that will befall you if you disobey God's Law include misfortunes of all kinds: poverty, loss of livestock, crop failure, defeat in battle, death of children, sickness etc..

It is interesting that the misfortunes said to befall those who disobeyed God's Law are almost exactly those which befell the righteous Job - even to to the affliction of sores and boils.

So why is the Bible contradicting itself?

It must be said that by the time the Book of Job was written it must have become obvious that this Prosperity Theology was not what people experienced.

Why do the wicked prosper?
The rod of God is not against them. (Job 21).

And yet the righteous Job is afflicted.

It is interesting that in the end Job's prosperity is restored twofold including his sheep and cattle, his oxen and donkeys, and his seven sons and seven beautiful daughters.

So what are we to make of this?

What are we to make of our experience of life on Earth?

I would suggest that Prosperity Theology is bankrupt.

There is no evidence that this is how God behaves towards us during our lives.

On the other hand what are we to make of the death and resurrection of Jesus?

Certainly we cannot say that Jesus was a success in a worldly sense.

God did not bless him with prosperity.

He was constantly challenged by the religious authorities of his day who plotted to kill him.

And he was punished and crucified by the Romans.

And yet Jesus was the blessed one of God.

There are echoes of the Psalms in which David constantly complains about the attacks of his enemies.

In fact God's blessing can bring suffering and persecution.

"'If the world hates you, be aware that it hated me before it hated you.'"  John 15:18 (NRSV)

So Prosperity Theology, which promises worldly success, is not what Jesus taught, nor is it what we experience.

But that is not to deny the Love of God.

If we have faith and pray God will rescue us and help us.

But He will not make us rich and successful.

He may, however, make us happy and whole.

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.] 

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Monday, 21 October 2019


Friends of the Earth were using the term Thunderclap to refer to political action.

This term infers Divine Violence and is no better than the Religious Right's use of Christian terms in political campaigns.

The implications of God's violent condemnation is inappropriate in human disputes.

It is resorting to fear.

And fear is no motivation.

So I would prefer if they did not use the term Thunderclap because it has negative religious connotations.

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Sunday, 20 October 2019

No Judgement.

When the Pharisees tempted Jesus to judge the woman taken in adultery* he refused to do so.

He would not condemn her.

He said: "'Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.'"  John 8:7 (NRSV)

And when all of them were gone he said: "'Woman, where are they?  Has no one condemned you?'"  "'Neither do I condemn you.'"  John 8:11 (NRSV)

And so we should not condemn others even if they condemn us.

[*"They did this to test him, so that they might have some charge to bring against him."  John 8:6 (NRSV)]

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.] 

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Saturday, 19 October 2019

There Is a God.

As I sat eating my lunch at a local restaurant I overheard a young man dressed all in black at the next table saying:

"What's all the fuss about the fire at Notre Dame its only a building dedicated to someone who doesn't exist."

This is an example of popular atheism.

A mentality fed by Satanism in rock music and comedy in particular.

But there is a God.

I would not be sitting here today writing this if there were not a God.

God has rescued me from the mentality of Satanism.

And He has delivered me from evil.

So I can state categorically that there is a God.

And He is good.

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Friday, 18 October 2019

Climate Change.

I was moved by the address of 16 year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg to the United Nations.

Its come to this!

Children appealing to our politicians.

Of course something should have been done in the 1990s (and that was late).

But the right-wing governments voted in by Generation X refused to act and in fact actively opposed action on climate change.

This was supported by the corporate-controlled media.

There is only one reason why climate change has not been acted upon.


The big corporations and billionaires don't want to pay for environmental protection measures.

It's as simple as that.

So the only possible solution is to vote out the right-wing governments who are obstructing action on climate change.

And vote for politicians who make a commitment to legislating measures to slow and eventually reverse the damage to our environment.

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Thursday, 17 October 2019

Good Works.

Many older people in the Church do good works in order to earn a place in Heaven.

This is usually inspired by fear of hell or a misplaced sense of obligation - which is fear.

But true religion is centered in the heart.

A warm and compassionate heart is what God desires for us.

So we may still do good works but they will no longer be inspired by fear of hell or desire for Heaven but will flow from a warm and loving heart.

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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Jesus' Teachings.

"Thus says the Lord God: Ah, you shepherds of Israel who have been feeding yourselves!  Should not the shepherds feed the sheep?  You eat the fat, you clothe yourselves with the wool, you slaughter the fatlings, but you do not feed the sheep.  You have not strengthened the weak, you have not healed the sick, you have not bound up the injured, you have not brought back the strayed, you have not sought the lost, but with force and harshness you have ruled them."  Ezekiel 34: 2-4 (NRSV)

This passage from Ezekiel where God criticizes the shepherds of Israel contains not only the seeds of Jesus' criticism of the Pharisees but the source of many of his teachings.

Healing the sick, The Parable of the Good Samaritan, The Parable of the Prodigal Son, The Lost Coin, The Lost Sheep, "Feed my sheep" and more.....

Much of Jesus' teaching derives from the Old Testament.

In fact one Jewish scholar claimed that Jesus said nothing new - it was all in the Old Testament.

This may be true.

But Jesus brought a new perspective to Old Testament writings. 

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.]

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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

How Dare You!


Reports today that the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davis has called for gays and lesbians to leave the Church are unbelievable.

With so many people leaving the Church he is telling faithful Christians they are not welcome!

And this from a representative of Jesus on Earth.

How dare you!

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A Gentle, Humble Heart.

Jesus said: "'for I am gentle and humble in heart'"  Matthew 11:29 (NRSV)

You may ask how we can live as gentle, humble people in a world filled with violence and fear.

Brainwashing, coercion, intimidation, force, torture, persecution, and violence confront us daily.

We are constantly at war.

How can we not retaliate?

How can we not defend ourselves?

How can we not become tough and cynical?

The answer comes from Jesus:

"'Do not resist an evildoer.  But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek turn the other also.'"  Matthew 5:39 (NRSV)

"'Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.'"  Matthew 5:44 (NRSV)

So we can remain non-violent in the face of violence.

And we can remain gentle and humble in heart.

If we practise forgiveness and unconditional love.

And maintain a loving heart.

Then whenever others threaten to overwhelm us we can cry out to God for help.

He will hear.

And deliver us.

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.]

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Monday, 14 October 2019

The Meaning of Life.

The meaning of life is love.

We exist here on Earth in order to learn how to love.

But once we have learned this ultimate lesson we do not cease to suffer altogether and our lives are not devoid of trouble.

There are only two things in the world: love and fear.

And because we have learned how to love we are constantly in love.

This makes us feel O.K..

But it does not entirely overcome the fear around us.

And this fear can cause us to suffer and create trouble in our lives.

So we have to formulate a policy towards those around us who are still driven by fear.

Jesus said to love your enemies and pray for those who abuse us.

He also said that the Good News can bring persecutions.

This is fear.

And we still have to deal with fear.

But knowing the cause of trouble - fear - we can forgive those who abuse us and pray for them.

Something they have experienced in their childhood or their adult lives has caused them to act in a way that is harmful to others and themselves.

This is common.

And the attitude that love takes to them is understanding and a desire to help them overcome the fear that has imprisoned them.

And so we can forgive them and pray for them to overcome their fear.

The infinite Love of God can help us to love our enemies.

If we love God and love our neighbor.

And if we understand that our neighbor has been abused by the world in the same way that we have.

Then we can forgive even the most heinous of sinners.

As God does.

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Sunday, 13 October 2019

Invisible Light.

"Even the darkness is not dark to you, the night is as bright as the day, for darkness is as light to you."  Psalm 139:12 (NRSV)

The spectrum represents the range of light visible to our human eyes.

But there are forms of radiation outside of this visible spectrum that can be seen using special equipment.

Infra-red, ultra-violet etc..

This is invisible light.

Which to us is darkness.

But is bright as day to the Lord.

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.]

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Saturday, 12 October 2019

The Lords of Light.

Krishna is the Hindu Lord of Light.

His Light brings compassion and love.

He is the eighth avatar of Vishnu the Preserver.

When the Earth is in darkness, chaos, and evil Vishnu manifests on Earth  as an avatar.

The avatars correspond to the ages of evolution.

And the most recent is The Buddha - the ninth avatar of Vishnu.

One more remains in this cycle of life - Kalki who sits on a white horse with a blazing sword - this manifestation of Light will appear when the Earth is in chaos, persecution, and evil.

Kalki bears a striking resemblance to the rider on the white horse in the Christian Bible's final Book of Revelation. 

Madam Blavatsky claimed that this derives from the Hindu prophecy.

But I do not subscribe to the theology of violent suppression of evil.

In fact this is proscribed by Jesus himself.

"'You have heard that it was said: "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."  But I say to you, Do not resist an evildoer.  But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also.'"  Matthew 5:38,39 (NRSV)

In my experience God - the author of Light - is non-violent.

And the Light is all about the development of the heart - mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and love.

So do not expect a violent agent to reverse our descent into darkness and evil.

Corruption, violence, and evil are caused by fear.

When the Light comes we see that we have nothing to fear  from God.

With that evil ends and we are free.

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A>, and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.]

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Friday, 11 October 2019

Free at Last!

AIDS is over!*

Gay men are free at last!

No one can say we deserve death.

No one can say we are evil.

No one can say we are going to hell.

God loves gay men.

We are His gay sons.

And a Good Father will not reject His gay sons.

Heaven awaits us.

AIDS is over!

We are free at last!

[* Doctors can stop HIV from developing into AIDS, HIV when treated is undetectable which means you can't pass it on, and there's PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) - a pill which can stop you catching HIV.]

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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Truth and Reconciliation.

God forgives us.

But if we will not admit what we have done wrong how can we be absolved?

Some may think that they can lie to God.

That they can get away with what they have done.

It has been said that the best form of repentance is to refrain from the offending behavior.

But how can we do this if we will not admit that it is wrong?

In the end we must face what we have done.

And ask forgiveness from God.

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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

New Reads.

When I get the new book releases on the Internet I am always surprised at the number of books about night, darkness, evil etc..

Most of them are written by women.

This is Satanism in literature.

Women sells their souls and write dark fantasies in the hope of becoming famous and rich.

The extreme example of this is J. K. Rowling.

So don't just take everything for granted.

What you are reading may be Satanic poison designed to turn you to evil and kill you spiritually.

Their ultimate aim is to damn your soul to hell.

Leave then behind.

There are better things to read.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2019


All are equal in the sight of God.

Each of the generations is equal.

Each generation has its positive and its negative characteristics.

Each generation has its virtues and its vices.

It then becomes a matter of degree.

It is a psychological fact that we condemn others in order to make ourselves feel good.

But if we see this in others it is not for us to turn the tables and condemn them.

It is up to us to forgive others.

What keeps us from forgiving?


Fear that we won't be good anymore.

Fear that others will attack us.

Fear of being hurt.

Fear of ridicule.

Fear of condemnation.

Fear of God.

But God will not condemn us.

God will forgive.

So we must forgive each generation.

And let them live.

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Monday, 7 October 2019


"God said,'This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations: I have set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.'"  Genesis 9:12,13 (NRSV)

God promises never again to try to destroy all flesh.

This rainbow is also the symbol of the gay community.

And now that AIDS is over it symbolizes the covenant between God and gay people.

And all the peoples of the Earth.

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.]

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Sunday, 6 October 2019

You Can't Make Them.

You can't make people change.

You may shame them into doing something once or twice but they will inevitably go back to what they were doing before.

So all you can do is pray for them to see more clearly and open their hearts.

This involves overcoming fear.

God has ways that we do not understand.

He can help if we pray.

We can continue to spread the light in the hope that people will see.

But ultimately we must hope to touch their hearts.

Then the world will change. 

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Saturday, 5 October 2019


People take drugs because they don't feel O.K. most of the time.

The Buddha called life dukkha - unsatisfactory.

We are looking for something to make us feel better.

A high, a buzz, a hit.....

This was the answer pushed on us by Satanists in the rock music industry.

It was fashionable.

It was cool.

But drugs lead to addiction, degradation, criminality, mental illness, and suicide.

They ruin you.

They are not the answer.

What we are looking for is love.

When there is love we feel O.K..

So if we open our hearts and give love to others we feel O.K. all the time.

And we don't need drugs anymore.

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Friday, 4 October 2019

The Heart.

Most religions are centered in the mind as a set of beliefs or moral principles.

This can become hard and intractable.

It is this that Jesus criticized in the Pharisees.

But true religion is centered in the heart.

And this will make concessions according to understanding.

This is much closer to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

And it explains his setting aside of the Law in certain circumstances.

"What does your heart say?"

It is this that matters.

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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Dirty Deeds.

The cultural influences that have derived from rock music since the 1960s are poisoning our world.

Sex and drugs and rock and roll has ruined two generations of youth.

And the negative influences in entertainment and sports have spread to all aspects of society.

Drug addiction and divorce alone account for untold suffering of parents and children alike.

And make no mistake this evil influence was deliberately created by rock musicians who sold their souls in the traditional fashion and made pacts with the devil to do his dirty deeds in the world.

Or so they thought.

The black moods and morbid lyrics of their songs poison our minds and curse our souls.

Even upbeat songs contain negative and malicious lyrics.

Rock music is a curse.

Drug culture, addiction to pleasure, self-destructiveness, depression, anti-social behavior, criminality, mental illness, suicide.....

All these things derive from rock music.

So unplug your earphones.

And throw away your C.D.s.

It is time to sweep away the pall of death which overshadows us all.

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Wednesday, 2 October 2019


The new movie Joker represents a new low in movie madness.

The movie gets under your skin and infects your spirit with evil.

The depiction of a comic book character as some sort of disaffected human is ridiculous to begin with.

But suggesting that evil is an answer to human alienation and isolation is evil in itself.

The film is spiritually subversive.

It tries to make you identify with the protagonist who then turns to evil and violence.

Unlike most I believe that the makers of these movies have sold their souls and deliberately try to turn people to evil.

The Joker is the devil.

We do not need a movie celebrating him.

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Tuesday, 1 October 2019

The Powers.

In his book Engaging the Powers Walter Wink says that the powers of the world are fallen.

This would suggest that there was a time when they were not fallen.

This reflects the myth of Adam and Eve and the Fall of Man.

But I do not believe that the myth of Adam and Eve is true literally or metaphorically.

And I do not believe that the powers are fallen.

Rather I would say that the powers are undeveloped, unenlightened, crude, brutal, and captives of fear.

This is in line with the theory of evolution and the science of anthropology.

There was no time in our past when humans were perfect.

The powers themselves are manifestations of imperfection.

They are captives of existentialist fears.

Fear of poverty, fear of failure, fear of challenge, fear of justice, fear of the masses, fear of loss, fear of death.....

"God has forsaken the Earth" they say.

"We are masters now."

But the powers are not gods.

They are human beings like you and I.

And they are prey to the same fears.

If they had faith they would know that God provides and they need not guard so jealously their wealth.

As if they never had enough.

So pray for them.

Pray that they will overcome their fears and open their hearts to their workers - their sons and daughters.

Only then will the world change. 

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