Saturday, 26 September 2015

Things of God.

These are the things of God:

Water. Light. Life. Goodness.
Pure. Virtuous. Innocent.
Doves. Turtledoves. Lambs.
Angels. Halos.
Birth. Charity. Creativity.
Joy. Life-Saver. Sobriety.
Trinity. 7. 12.
Flowers. Birds. Bees.
Abundance. Billions. Infinity.
Prophets. The Messiah (Jesus).
Grace. Forgiveness. Deliverance. Salvation.
The Christ (Jesus). Faith. Adoration. Praise. Worship.
Churches. Communion.
Israel. Judaism. Christianity. Children of God.
Truth. Protection. Prayer.

These are the things which will counteract Satanism in our popular culture.

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