Tuesday, 29 September 2015


My experience of Greek men is that they are locked in a cultural prison.

Greek men derive from the most homoerotic culture in history.
The ancient Greek culture was perhaps the only culture in history where homosexuality was celebrated, even idealized.

But modern Greek culture is captive to the Greek Orthodox Church which is severely homophobic.

So Greek men may encourage gay admirers, even love them, but as soon as you make a sexual advance to them they will reject you out of hand.

The homoerotic subculture in the Greek Orthodox Church can be clearly seen in the Blessing of the Waters ceremony on Epiphany.
The young Greek men strip down and swim to retrieve a cross which has been thrown into the water by the Greek Orthodox clergy in a state of obvious delight.

But the Greek Orthodox Church is so homophobic that they will not even discuss homosexuality.

It is my prayer that they be blessed and able to express their true nature.

Photo Credit: A.Currell via Compfight cc

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