Saturday, 26 September 2015

Have You Noticed?

There are certain things appearing in our popular culture which you should take note of:

Fire. Darkness. Death. Sin.
Filthy. Wicked. Shame. Guilt.
Snakes. Spiders. Spider Webs.
Devils. Horns. Satan.
Kill. Steal. Destroy.
Depression. Suicide. Drugs.
Pornography. Nudity.
Hate. Violence.
The Beast. 666. 13.
Funerals. Graveyards. Graves. Skulls. Black.
Negations. Empty. Zero.
False Prophets. False Messiahs.
Lust.  The Apple of Temptation. The Fall. The Seven Deadly Sins.
Anti-Christ. Denial of God. Faith No More. Blasphemy.
Cults. Swords. Thrones.
Hitler. Nazis. Genocide.
Lies. Murder.

This is Satanism in our popular culture.

You should avoid it at all costs.

Photo Credit: Abode of Chaos via Compfight cc

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