Monday, 21 September 2015

Exoteric Religion.

It is the privilege of few to enter into the sanctuary of esoteric religion - the heart of hearts where the Lover is united with the Beloved.

And so the side-effects of Love have become hardened into the principles of exoteric religion.

These principles are usually reinforced by the concept of natural justice - i.e. rewards and punishments.

Fear and duty have replaced Love as the motivating factor.

This is the bane of religion:

That religion has become frozen in the exoteric understanding and failed to embrace Love as the essential ingredient.

Love - the perpetual bridesmaid - transcends all mental principles, all knowledge, all morality, and all works.

To practice Love is to engage all virtues, all goodness, all morality. and all action.

So do not get hung up on the principles and laws.

Practice Love and the rest will flow from that.

Photo Credit: Francisco Diez via Compfight cc

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