Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A New Cosmology.

At the beginning of our universe
God's Love caused a magnificent explosion
which gave birth to the proto-energy
whose inflation created space.

This proto-energy was transformed
into matter and energy
as the universe expanded and cooled
giving rise to light and radiation.

Gravity caused the creation of billions of stars
in the primordial gas
and these stars became
beautiful spiral galaxies.

Cosmic dust condensed into the planets
which circle these stars.

Our earth is one of these planets.

The earth brought forth green plants,
the first life (which comes from God).

The oceans gave birth to sea creatures
which God endowed with
and a heart.

Some of these creatures
migrated to the land
to become animals and birds.

The green plants
suddenly bloomed
and our planet was covered
with millions of beautiful,
multi-colored flowers.

Then the apes
evolved into humans,
the first self-conscious beings,
whom God gave intelligence and imagination.

With God's help
we learned
the secrets of the earth
and invented agriculture.

Humans co-created:
art, and writing, and religion;
we invented the wheel
and eventually fathomed
some of the secrets of nature
through science.

God led humanity
and guided us
sending messengers,
men and women
who had drawn close to God,
to instruct and advise us.

And now
we must leave
the old, violent, punitive concepts
and take the next step
the unconditional Love of God.

Photo Credit: markchadwickart via Compfight cc

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