Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Sign of the Devil.

It would seem that modern women and men are embracing Satanism without realizing what is happening.

Satanism saturates our popular culture.
It dominates rock music and Hollywood blockbusters.
It rules T.V. and radio.
It has infiltrated all of our sports.

What is this?

You know it its the sign of the devil.

But you ignore it.
Or deny that it is there.

It means partying and having a good time (hedonism).
It means bad is good (malevolence).
It means instant sex (excess).

You might think it's harmless.

But since when has Satanism been harmless?

It is diabolical, deceitful, destructive, and deadly.

It is evil - the dark side.

It is not harmless.

Count the cost of drugs and divorce alone since modern Satanism was pioneered by rock bands in the 1960s.

Why are they all poking their tongues out?

You know where that comes from.
But you continue to deny it.

It is another symbol of Satanism.

You know this is true.
But you continue to deny it.

They've got young people virtually practicing Satanism.

They hate religion.
They hate the Church.
They hate Jesus.
They hate God.

Is that what you want?

So be more discerning about what you watch and listen to.

You might just be following Satanists.

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Photo Credit: JB-CreARTive via Compfight cc

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