Sunday, 16 September 2012

The System.

Institutional sin is the system.

The selfishness and corruption of the multinational corporations.
The heartlessness of the establishment.
The fear and guilt manipulation of the Churches.
Domination through fear and threat.
Victory through violence (war).
Financial inequality (the financial system and the stock exchange).
Business conventions.
Lack of responsibility.
Hypocrisy about sex.
Religious hypocrisy.
Profit motive.

The system ensures the domination of the rich and the persecution of minorities.

The hippies challenged the system stopping the Vietnam war and electing a Labor Government.
But the system had its revenge.  The Whitlam government was dismissed and the conservatives took us back to the fifties.  Blaming everything on the hippies - their political opponents.

Now we see the predominance of fear and the language of violence.

But how do you challenge institutional sin?

How much do we care?
Enough to do something?
Enough to challenge the powers?

Or will we just slip back into a comfortable niche in the system?

The only thing which has more power than the corporations is the government.  If we care enough to elect the best government then they will have a mandate to legislate to regulate the corporations.

Tax and welfare are a kind of enforced unselfishness.
The corporations don't like it but it is the law.
They use their media outlets to oppose it.

But public opinion is swinging back.
Perhaps we can see the manipulation.

When public opinion is separated from the will of the corporations then we will see a change in the system.
A more compassionate, more just system may develop.

The corporations' profit motive is fear of losing money.  Even if they have more than they need.

To bring about a change we will have to address this fear.

A fear which has been strong enough to corrupt them completely.

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