Friday, 31 August 2012

Winners and Losers.

The winner takes all, most toys wins, nice guys come last approach to life is not the way of God.

God supports the oppressed, the poor, and the disabled.
God comes last.

We are not to sell out our ideals to the world.

If we cry out to God He will hear.

God treats losers the same as winners.
God treats the wicked the same as the good.

We must not think of ourselves as better than others because we are good.
We will not receive more than others.

If we love God He draws near and we begin to see.
God will teach us His ways.

Violence will be replaced with gentleness.

Ego will be replaced with humility.

The world may hate us.
The world may crucify us.

We must open our hearts :
to the weak, to the poor, to the least of this world.
There we will find God.

The charmless, the ugly, the disabled
- these God values equally with the winners of this world.

God is not a winner.
God is a loser.

The ways of the powerful: pragmatism, violence, force.....
these are not the ways of God.

Pray for the oppressed.

Do not retaliate.

But love your enemies and do good to the wicked.

Commit yourself to non-violence.

Give love to all.

Do not judge others.

But help those around you.

For these are the ways of God.

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