Wednesday, 12 September 2012


What Satanism does, apart from any apparent supernatural effects, is tell people to sin.
Men behaving badly, taking drugs, promiscuity, lying, cowardice etc.....

The intention is to create death and damnation for the unsuspecting (rock music) listener.

Fortunately God does not do these things at all, so they are wasting their time there.

Unfortunately the sin remains as objective suffering.

The cause of suffering is sin.

They oppose anything God might do to alleviate our suffering, reversing it and making things worse.  They conduct war against God.  They are evil, violent, and deceitful. They pose as good and then lead people astray.

Think of the suffering caused by drugs and divorce alone.

And they make millions of dollars out of it.

They are people who have sold their souls to the devil.

Dogs = Gods backwards.

The evil rich.

But there is no Satan in reality so it is built on sand.

The apparent supernatural effects are direct psychic influences through the collective unconscious (backtracking etc).

But it only half works.
Satan cannot reward them.
Satan does not exist.

It is all for nothing.

In the end it is not supernatural but works more like propaganda.

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