Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Rather than developing ideas of evil, which owe much to dualism, perhaps we should look at the purpose behind our experiences.

Perhaps it suits God's purpose - the development of the human heart - to allow us to help those who suffer.

This in no way implies that God causes suffering.

The suffering is caused by nature or human sin.

But He wishes us to help, which comes from the heart.

In my experience my own suffering has caused others close to me to develop in ways that they may not have developed otherwise.

This is why prayers may sometimes remain unanswered.

We pray for a cure or a release from suffering.

The love that inspires us to pray is the desired result.

The love that we show to the suffering is the development that God seeks.

This remains.

But God is not the cause of the suffering.

The suffering of others tugs at our heart strings.

Would we ever have developed compassion otherwise?

It is this that life is about.

And that is why life is not just an endless pleasure.

If it were we would be selfish and cruel, hardhearted and unsympathetic.

It is suffering that inspires our tears and melts our hearts.

It is our love for others which grows from this.

And that is the purpose of life.

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