Friday, 31 August 2012


Who is it that the world hates?

It is the idealistic hippies and their descendants.

It is the New Age humanitarians.

It is the socialists and the left wing.

These are the things which the world hates and seeks to persecute.

But the hippies have been disenfranchised, disillusioned, reconstructed.

It is more like they were in the beginning :
Peace and Love.
No more war.
The victims of society - the poor, the persecuted.

It is not a call for harsher punishments.
It is a call for rehabilitation, re-education, reconciliation.

The hippies were betrayed by Satanic rock stars whose values are the values of the world : ego, win at all costs, materialism, physicality, money, corruption.....

It is not stronger, more powerful, mightier, more violent, triumphant victory.....

It is faith in God.
He is gentle.
He is mild.

Reduce that which is too great.
Increase that which is too little.

Enlighten the world.

Give love!

Love is the water of life.

For without love we cannot live.

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