Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Koran.

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

It would appear that the Koran is constructed in a similar way to the Bible and should therefore be studied in a similar way.

In the Koran Mohammed criticizes the Jews (the People of the Book) for falsifying scriptures.  He accepts, however, that the Torah is revelations from God but that the Jews did not obey their own revelations.

Mohammed also criticizes Christians for claiming that Jesus is a begotten son of God. He recognizes, however, that Jesus is a prophet but that Christians have departed from his message.

These claims are consistent with claims of Progressive Christianity :
- that many of the words of the Old Testament were put into the mouth of God.
- that the Christology which grew up after the death of Jesus is a false doctrine.

Progressive Christianity is close to Sufism (Islamic mysticism) which is based on the love of God and trust in Him.

The Koran says that God loves goodness, honesty, and charity.
The Koran also says that God does not love the aggressor.
We have to read the Koran, however, in the same way as we read the Bible, i.e. editing out the violence and punishments attached to such statements.

Islam is a religion of success in that it believes that our fortunes on earth reflect God's favor or disfavor.
(This is refuted in the Christian Bible in the book of Job).

The Koran should be read in a similar way to the Bible.  You should be highly selective of which passages you read.
But these writings also contain the light of revelation and as such should be respected.

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