Monday, 23 July 2012

What People Don't Know 2.

1.  The right-wing political machine is what the Bible calls a beast.
(Because it uses violence and fear to achieve its goals.)

2.  The right-wing machine labels its political opponents evil.
(i.e. as a weapon.)

3.  Business leaders collude with Satanists in the media.

4.  Religious leaders conspire with business leaders to oppose socialism.

5.  Business leaders use their media (news) outlets to attack socialist leaders.

6.  Rock stars and others in the entertainment industries (movie stars, sportsmen) sell their souls to the devil and do his work in the world.  (Satanism)  (See What People Don't Know 1)(July).

7.  They all tempt and intimidate the people of God out of fear.
(Entrapment.)  (See The Key)(July).

Photo Credit: Waiting For The Word Flickr via Compfight cc

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