Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Age of Aquarius 1.

(a)  The Age of Aquarius is approaching.

It is characterized by Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

Liberty :
It is freedom (not oppression).

Equality :
It is egalitarian (not one size fits all).

Fraternity :
If God is our father then all men and women are our brothers and sisters.

Its philosophy is liberal humanism.

It is progressive (not regressive).

(b) We are still, however, affected by covert Satanism in the entertainment industries (music, movies, sports).

Unless we unmask this pervasive influence the Age of Aquarius will be manifested backwards - as the negatives of Aquarius : promiscuity, drug addiction, and insanity.

Astrologically Satanism is governed by Scorpio (hidden things, secrets, violence, death). Aquarius considers Scorpio to be dark and sinister.

The right-wing religious influence merely uses the knowledge of Satanism (which comes from God) to demonize their political opponents.  They have failed to unmask Satanism.

So the right-wing religions blame the victims of Satanism - hippies and gays - rather than the perpetrators.

The hippies were sabotaged by Satanism and manifested the negatives of Aquarius : promiscuity, drug addiction and insanity.

So if we don't want the rainbow children (born 1992 to 2011) to finish up like the hippies (i.e. a mess) we had better unmask the Satanic influence in the music, movie, and sporting industries.

We can pray for this - for Satanism to be unmasked - so that everyone can choose for himself or herself the positive aspects of Aquarius : Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

Meanwhile we can pray for the Satanists to see their error - there is no Satan to reward them - and move forwards rather than backwards.

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