Saturday, 28 July 2012


It is hard to believe that since the 1960's there has been a resurgence of black magic and Satanism in rock music that has cast a spell over the whole world.

This is a web of evil but invisible to normal sight, indeed the perpetrators of this crime are seen as saviors and role models, especially by the young.

What this does is backwards.  They take the astrological aspects of their audience and propagate the negatives of those aspects, thus entangling their fans in chains.

Whilst posing as helpers they poison their listeners with negativity.  The most obvious of these is suicide.  Note how many rock musicians write songs about death.

Death is a theological negative which they believe gives them immense power over humanity.  At once sabotaging any spiritual quest and hiding the truth about themselves.

This is not magic so much as propaganda.

It works on the unconscious level, backwards under the music or negative suggestion.

It has spread to movies, sport and books.

Death, black, monsters, magic, vampires, drugs, insanity, promiscuity, transgression, materialism, money,sex, corruption, evil, hell.....

They believe that they have killed any spirituality in human beings and separated them from God.

They prey on people's rejection of traditional religion and believe they have severed their connection with God = death.

They make the mistake of identifying with the Church.  The Church is run by the spiritual descendants of the Pharisees - the people who killed Jesus and his message of unconditional love.

Rock musicians have internalized the theology of sin and death and, believing God to be some kind of patriarchal bully, turned to the devil for what they want - sex and drugs and rock and roll.

They sell their souls and do the devil's work.

So they will be tempting you and trying to get you into hell.

But there is no hell.

Their image of God is completely wrong.

They are wasting their time.

But the negativity and sabotage still has an effect.

It ruins people's lives and relationships.

It distracts people from their purpose.

It turns people away from spirituality and God.

It tries to kill you.

They have always been obsessed with image - their image with the public.  They will manipulate images and words in order to appear good or wise, which is the height of deceit.  Then they will spin back to evil.  It is diabolical and difficult to discern.  They lie and deceive like whited sepulchers.  Worldly cynics, they laugh all the way to the bank.

They call themselves Dogs - Gods backwards.
(Some wear their caps back to front).

Our task is to break the spell.

You can tell people what they are doing but most people will take it at face value.

Perhaps the best way to handle them is to pray for them to see the errors which caused them to rebel in the first place and reconcile them to God.

Then the overwhelming machinery - which is whirling backwards into darkness - could move forwards at last.

Photo Credit: straightedge217 Flickr via Compfight cc

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