Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Age of Aquarius 2.

(a)  What improvements could come with the Age of  Aquarius?

Liberty : an end to dictatorships and control machinery (fear and guilt).
                a reduction of fear (xenophobia, homophobia etc.).
                less authoritarianism (circular power structures = E.U.)

Equality: an evening out of the class system (middle class).
                 equal opportunity (women, GLBTI, immigrants, aboriginals).
                 an evening out of world wealth (China. India, Africa).

Fraternity: humanitarianism.

(b)  People in the west may lose some of their privileges as the world becomes more equable.

The aim, however, is to bring the second and third worlds up to first world standard as much as possible not to seek the lowest common denominator.

Fear of socialism is the main obstacle :
- it creates counter revolutionary movement which is counter productive.
- conservative forces and plutocrats (corporations) must lose their fear of equality and justice for the Age of Aquarius to begin.  Otherwise the world will remain ruled by money and profit.
- the purpose of business must change from profit to providing (employment, livelihood = food).   

Photo Credit: European Parliament Flickr via Compfight cc

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