Monday, 8 April 2019

Temptation 2.

If we look more closely at what devil-worshippers have done to the generations we will see that they push the negatives of each generation's astrological signs.

The Hippies were indulged in pleasure which is a negative aspect of Libra.  They were also encouraged to be selfish ("Do your own thing"*) which is a negative aspect of Leo.

Generation X were tempted to be holier than thou and judgemental which are negative aspects of Virgo.  They were also tempted to use violence, hatred, and evil which are negative aspects of Scorpio.

The religious and political right including Ronald Reagan were tempted to use judgement and demonization as weapons to win.  These are negative aspects of Capricorn.

And the older generation were tempted to be hypocritical and judgemental which are negative aspects of Virgo.

So the answer is not to blame anyone for what devil-worshippers have inspired in them but to look to the positive aspects of each generation's astrological signs

The positive aspects of the Baby-Boomers are: peace, diplomacy, love (Libra) and creativity and enlightenment (Leo).

The positive aspects of Generation X are: discrimination, meticulousness, virtue (Virgo) and loyalty, passion, transformation (Scorpio).

The positive aspects of Capricorn are: discipline, obedience, strength, and practicality.

One last thing:

Aquarius is manifested negatively by Satan worshippers as: drug abuse, promiscuity, insanity.

The positive aspects of Aquarius are: tolerance, genius, freedom, equality, humanitarianism, and vision.

(*This comes from Aleister Crowley's Satanic catch-cry "Do what you will".)

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