Friday, 5 April 2019


Most religious people will tell you that sex should be restricted to the confines of marriage.

Before marriage we are supposed to control ourselves.

But this is not how sex is designed.

Our sex drive is at its strongest when we are young and this is precisely the time when we are supposed to refrain from sex.

This makes no sense.

Sex is designed to sow your wild oats when you are young and then settle down with one partner and raise a family.

This is how our chemistry is designed.

So moral objections to sex before marriage are not in line with God's plan.

Old fashioned imperatives imposed on women to avoid unwanted pregnancies have been rendered obsolete by the contraceptive pill.

Obviously there is a health risk involved with excessive promiscuity.

But common sense and moderation will help avoid any problems.

So sexual experimentation in youth is not immoral or condemned by God.

We can engage in some sexual activity before settling down with one partner.

And this is precisely what happens in the gay community. 

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