Wednesday, 20 February 2019


We live in a world that is dark, cold, indifferent, hard, tough, and demanding.

Money rules and power wins.

Our governments ignore us.

And religion is bankrupt.

Our entertainment is evil.

And our aspirations are material.

But hidden from sight is a great dark secret.

Rock musicians, celebrities, entertainers, sportsmen, and writers have sold their souls and do the devil's work.

Rogues and scoundrels, despicable me, dancing with the devil, venom, dirty deeds, the devil inside, doom, the music of the night.....

Death and darkness, women in black, snakes and spiders, graves and ghosts, skeletons, skulls,....

The darkness hides them.

The T.V. distracts.

Drugs and addictions.


But there is a reason.

Hidden for a season.


Photo Credit: Neetesh Gupta (neeteshg) Flickr via Compfight cc
(The image has been slightly modified.)

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