Sunday, 13 January 2019

White Privilege.

Western white privilege is supported by a network of social conventions which hide the perpetrators of injustice while whitewashing the beneficiaries.

This has solidified into what we call the System.

Business and legal conventions combine to protect the System at every turn.

This System was established by violence and is maintained by fear.

It is now global.

Solid barriers distance us from the consequences of our actions.

Bargains do not tell you about the slave labor that created them.

Corporations subcontract to companies using slave labor and ask no questions.

If it is discovered they merely say they knew nothing about it and no one is charged.

But we benefit from the cheap goods they produce.

And we ask no questions.

We are all implicated.

But who can challenge this Behemoth?

Corporate activism is emerging. 

Shareholder activism is beginning.

But it is yet to be seen whether these moves can challenge the giants of corporate ownership.

Media moguls use the media to hide corruption and sanitize the privileged.

And anyone who dares to challenge them is hit with a beat-up hate campaign.

So we are stuck with the System.

We can only pray for change.

Photo Credit: Flickinpicks Flickr via Compfight cc

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