Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Truth or Lies?

Why would people embrace Satanism in our modern world?

The answer is that what they present to an unwitting public seems more wise, more compassionate, more sensible than what religious people espouse.

If the only religious material presented in the media is hardcore fundamentalism with its bigotry, prejudice, sexism, homophobia, violence, judgement, hell, and hate then anything is going to seem more accessible.

The problem is that what the public sees in popular music and entertainment is a lie.

It is a mistake to take what you see at face value.

It is a hook - a seductive image put forward to lure you into their power.

And once you have opened your mind to them they feed it with negativity, sabotage, malice, and evil.

So don't be fooled by popular music and entertainment; they are only in it for the money.

Seek and find a truly positive and compassionate philosophy.

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