Monday, 21 March 2016

The New Paradigm.

What we are seeing now in religion is the emergence of a New Paradigm.

This paradigm has a positive, holistic view of God.
It is based on modern Biblical scholarship which teaches that the Bible is a conglomerate of texts written by different authors over hundreds of years.
It also teaches that the Bible is not literal history but a mixture of styles including poetry and metaphor.
Many of the Bible stories use midrash which is the retelling of old stories in a new context.

The New Paradigm is also compatible with  modern scientific understandings of the world and the universe.

It has a positive attitude towards sex and homosexuality in particular which is seen as a natural part of the diversity of God's good creation.

The old understandings of God - as a harsh, vindictive dispenser of rewards and punishments - has been superseded.
No longer will we be wicked sinners in fear of punishment and hell.

We will be children of God.

And we will know His steadfast Love.

Photo Credit: Dale Gillard via Compfight cc

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