Thursday, 17 March 2016

Save Me!

I'm here to save you.

What from?

Not from the devil.

There is no devil in reality.

But from devil worshipers.

What devil worshipers?

The devil worshipers that are hidden in our popular culture: our rock music, our movies, our T.V., our literature, our sports.....

I can't see any devil worshipers.

No.  They are cleverly disguised and concealed.

Think heavy metal.

Think flames.

Think the sign of the devil.

Think horns.

These things are there to be seen.

So don't deny that devil worship is real.

It doesn't do any harm.

Yes it does:
It poisons you.  It curses you.  It tempts you.  It leads you astray.  It distracts you. It damns you.....

I am here to save you.

Save me!

Pray to God to rescue you.

Pray to God to deliver you from evil.

Pray to God to adopt you as His child.

Pray to God to guide you and bring you home.

But most of all:

Open your heart.

Photo Credit: krossbow via Compfight cc

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