Friday, 25 March 2016

Second Thoughts.

I would have second thoughts about bringing children into the world as it is at present.

The world is so dark, so violent, so brutal, so cruel.....

To send a child out into the world to be hooked, to be misled, to be betrayed, even tortured is not something I wish to do.

You can explain what is happening, what is out there in the world, but will they believe you?

And make no mistake to be led astray into sin and transgression is to suffer, not because God punishes us but because they are false gods in which there is no love.

We can pray for our children and advise them, always be there for them, but is it enough?

We need the steadfast love and forgiveness of God.

Only in God will we find such fidelity.

Photo Credit: Art Dino via Compfight cc

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