Monday, 18 January 2016

Your Soul.

When we meditate we observe our thoughts.
Therefore I am not my thoughts.

But what is my true self?

Carl Jung said that we hide our true selves from others.
This is because we are afraid of being hurt.
We are protecting our hearts.

So my true self is closer to my heart than my mind.

Many religions teach that our true self is a form of consciousness.
But I say that your true self, or your soul, is in your heart.

Love brings us into contact with our true selves, or our souls, which are in our hearts.

Love brings our true selves to the surface where we can meet other souls.

Fear makes us hide our true selves.
We bury our souls and become separated from them.

Love integrates our personalities.
Love allows us to express our true personalities.

So do not be afraid.
Love others even as you love yourself.

Photo Credit: mescon via Compfight cc

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