Thursday, 28 January 2016


What the Church has traditionally done is take an unsuspecting soul and place him/her in debt.

This is done by invoking Universal Condemnation - the sin of Adam and an individual soul's sin.

They say you were born in sin and your whole life has been sin.

Therefore you are in debt.

And the way that you pay off this debt is to do good works - which are determined by them.

Because the result of debt is hell all their good works are motivated by fear.

But wait there's more.

Have you ever noticed that the debt never diminishes.
In fact the more you do the greater the debt becomes.

This is because the debt is a mechanism by which they subjugate you to their will (social and political).

It is not salvation it is slavery.

This is the sin of the Church.

They take the free gift of God and use it to enslave people.

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