Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Primitive humans ascribed to their gods aspects which they experienced in life that seemed to have some supernatural power.

Thus was born religion.

Socrates maintained that the Greek gods were fakes.

Many of these forces can now be explained by science.

The ancient gods live on, however, as the planets and asteroids of astrology.

But there is a supernatural power which transcends our mere earthly existence.

This is God.
The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
The God of Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed.

Transcendent, sublime, and beautiful this God is beyond our imagination.

But we can enter into relationship with this God through love.

Wholly benevolent, beyond dualism, and immanent God wishes the best for us.

Through forgiveness, mercy, and compassion He engages us in life and welcomes us after death.

He periodically breaks into human history to lure us to a better way - away from the gods of the world and towards His Kingdom.

This is the covenant He makes with humankind - to do His will on earth.
And what is His will?

That we love one another.

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