Friday, 1 January 2016


The time has come to initiate dialogue between the warring factions.

Dialogue between dictators and freedom fighters.
Dialogue between religious fundamentalists and religious progressives.
Dialogue between social conservatives and social liberals.
Dialogue between Christians and Muslims.

The pendulum is swinging.
Unless we engage both camps the pendulum will swing to the other extreme and we will see equally violent reprisals.

The answer is not to crush any threat to our supremacy, which is what we are doing now, the answer is to listen to our enemies and acknowledge their concerns.

This does not necessarily mean giving in to all of their demands.
Some of their concerns may be irrational fears with no basis in reality.

But other concerns may be legitimate complaints and criticisms.

It is not weakness to listen to our enemies.

In fact it shows strength of character and true security.

Conflict can only be resolved through dialogue.

And then we might know peace.    

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