Sunday, 17 January 2016


I read an article in the Uniting Church newspaper that described the mission of the Church as "the renewal of all creation, to overcome the powers of sin, evil, and death, and to reconcile all creation to God's own self through Jesus Christ." (Crosslight June 2015).

To tell people that they are dead and if they reject the Church then they are rejecting Jesus Christ and therefore God is at least an insult and at worst an attempt to subjugate the whole of humanity.

Most modern people will say, "So what?"

And the Church will be further downgraded in their estimation as a tyrannical institution bound up with self-delusion and megalomania.

My own opinion is that they have overestimated the power of Jesus Christ.
While to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ is to transform the world it was never meant to be a cosmic transformation.  It is personal and voluntary.

So the Church needs to be more humble in its claims.

Only when the Church can offer something positive to people will the Church become relevant again in the modern world.

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