Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Love or Fear?

There are only two things in the world:

Love and Fear.

And this is how you can divine what comes from God and what is of human origin.

If it is a manifestation of Love then it comes from God.

If it is a manifestation of Fear then it is human.

This applies to all doctrines, theologies. and philosophies.

The Old Testament and the Koran are full of fear-based threats and curses.

These are of human origin.

They are manifestations of the authors' fear of God.
They were unable to conceive of a God who did not judge and punish men and women in the way that Earthly authority figures do.

But God is transcendent.

God is beyond our human concepts.

So if you are trying to decide whether an experience or a theory comes from God ask: Is it a manifestation of Love or Fear?

For Love is Divine.

And Fear is human.

Photo Credit: Photosightfaces Flickr via Compfight cc

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