Sunday, 24 March 2019

Is the Devil Going Broke?

Now that people can download music and movies from free sources those who serve Satan in the music and movie industries cannot make a living out of it.

Sure the content still goes into the minds of young and old alike but they cannot make millions out of it as they have in the past.

This unexpected side-effect of the Internet has wide-ranging implications.

For one: How come Satan can't make them rich anymore?

Maybe he never did.

I do not believe in a supernatural devil.

But I do believe that people in the music and movie industries do believe that Satan is real and sell their souls in the traditional fashion for fame and fortune.

But if the devil cannot deliver the fortune promised what is the point?

Maybe we will see the end of Satanism in music and movies.

Personally I hope so. 

If the devil is bankrupt who will want him?

Photo Credit: Paula Satijn Flickr via Compfight cc

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