Sunday, 26 November 2017


The attitude of those who have betrayed us is that the image put out by the Churches that God is a harsh, judgemental, anti-sex, vindictive, insane, dictator who intends to torture us all forever is the true image of God.

They believe that this originates from God Himself.

Therefore, they reason, Satan's contract to give them whatever they want in return for their souls is a good deal.

What they don't realize is that if Satanists tell you to lie to everyone the chances are that they are lying to you in the first place.

And the negative image they have of God is not the truth about God at all.

Jesus said that the world did not know God.

And it still does not know Him.

So their commitment to evil and darkness is a false deal.
And all their treachery and malice is misplaced.

They believe that Satan will reward them for their dirty deeds.

So they tempt everyone and betray everyone.

In the hope that we will all burn in hell.

But there is no Satan in reality.

And there is no hell either.

But their malice and sabotage cause untold damage and suffering.

How much suffering derives from drugs and divorce alone.

This evil is hidden in the rock music and videos which play constantly in dance venues and pubs.

Subliminal messages make us bad, filthy, wicked sinners who deserve to be punished.

If anyone questions it it is passed off as a joke.

Hell forever - very funny.

So be aware.

Not everything around you is benevolent.

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