Monday, 18 April 2016

Does God Hate Me?

"Does God hate me?"

The number of young gay people who ask this question is staggering.

The only message they hear about God is that He hates gay people.

This is as much an indictment of sensationalist mass media as it is of the Churches that preach this message of hate.

There are Churches that accept gay people and affirm their sexuality.
But unfortunately they never appear in the media and their message of acceptance is lost.

It is up to these more progressive Churches to make their voices heard in the mass media and on the Internet.

Unless we can get the message that God loves gay people as He loves others out there then all of these young gay people will be lost.

So speak up and contradict the voices of hate.

God loves gay people and we should say so.

Photo Credit: Denis' Life via Compfight cc

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