Saturday, 23 April 2016


We are in the grip of a huge Satanic conspiracy.

Hidden in our popular culture - our music, our T.V., our movies, our sports - is a coordinated network of Satanic stars and workers who are poisoning and corrupting everyone.

It stretches from music videos to energy drinks, from cooking shows to football, from wannabes to work.....

But, because it mostly works on the unconscious, it is not easily seen.

And it is deliberately covered up.
They will always have an alternative explanation ready to divert any suspicion.

But humanity is in denial.
We see these things but cannot admit they are Satanic.

There is no devil after all.

But because there is no devil does not mean there are no devil worshipers.

Many more people believe in the devil and what he can do than we realize.

So be more discerning in your viewing and listening.

And pray to God to deliver you.

Photo Credit: Spanhof.Info - Illusions of Photo-Art via Compfight cc

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