Thursday, 21 April 2016


Have you noticed the number of t-shirts that have dates on them?

1966, 1973, 1984 etc..

These are not random numbers.

They represent periods of culture and rock music which are influenced by certain bands and stars.

These bands and stars put out music which contained Satanic magic and backtracking.

So each era is under a certain spell.

And each spell is designed to lead its adherents by a different route to hell.

This is what has been done to us.

But rest assured there is no hell in reality.

They still control you, however, if you wear their merchandise.

They want your mind and your money as well as your soul.

So don't allow yourself to be categorized.

Don't allow yourself to be led.

Rock culture is rife with Satanism.

It should be avoided as much as possible.

Photo Credit: Albert! via Compfight cc

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