Saturday, 21 July 2018


One of the definitions of Holy is: free from sin and evil.

God is Holy.

In fact sin and evil are human inventions.

Take the human mind out of the world and where are sin and evil?

Nature cannot sin, nor can nature be evil.
It can be difficult or violent.
But not evil.

Likewise animals obey their instincts.
They cannot be evil.

Evil is an invention of the human mind.
It is the result of primitive dualism.

But dualism is not factual.
It is a theory.

Things come in all numerical forms.

For example the number 5 is sometimes called the human number because we have 5 fingers and 5 toes, 5 limbs, and 5 senses.

There are trinities, decimal systems, and duodecimal systems.

All numbers are represented.

So to reduce everything to dualism is ludicrous.

And to say that God, who is everything, must be a mixture of the pairs of opposites is plainly wrong.

Because the pairs of opposites are concepts in our human minds, not realities.

There is no devil, no dark powers.

God is Holy.

He transcends our human notions of sin and evil.

God is wholly good.

There is no fear in Him.

He is Light without shadow.

Good without evil.

Love without hatred.

He is not Grey.

So beware of storytellers who tell you that the ultimate is a mixture of good and evil.

This merely creates evil where there was only good.

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