Saturday, 3 March 2018

Other Stuff.

When we experience something of God's Love we are assailed by those who think that they know better.

So we are told to do other stuff.

This other stuff includes:
Earning Heaven by good works.
Conforming to unnecessary behavioral expectations.
Asceticism including abstinence from sex.
Subscribing to rigid moral imperatives.
Political Conservatism.
Negative self-imaging.
Mind games.

All this is underpinned by fear of damnation and a false image of God.

But God does not punish us.

He is not an agent of Natural Justice.

God is our loving Father.

He forgives and nurtures everyone.

God does not require righteousness but goodness.

His mercy is infinite.

And His Love is everlasting.

This is the Good News.

So open your heart to God and to others.

And don't listen to the other stuff.

Photo Credit: Flickr via Compfight cc

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