Monday, 23 October 2017

Ruling Elites.

The religion of judgement and punishment appears wherever there is contact with ruling elites.

Ancient Egypt, Rome, Britain, U.S.A......

These Empires are ruled by powerful elites (the God-Kings of Egypt, the Divine Right of Kings).  Religious elites partner them.

It is in the interests of these elites to keep the masses in line.
And they do so by using threats, usually involving eternal torment in hell.

This is the carrot and stick approach of the conservative establishment.

In our modern world it is the Fundamentalist allies of the corporate plutocrats.

The truth is that God does not punish us at all.

He loves us like a Father.

He forgives our sins.

And He gives us another chance.

And a good thing too.

Because it is inevitable that we will make mistakes.

God's love and forgiveness are eternal.

His mercy is infinite.

He has no need to subjugate us.

So be aware that the religion of judgement and punishment does not derive from God but from the fear and violence of ruling elites.

These ruling elites are aware that they don't deserve their privileged positions.  And they fear retribution from the masses they exploit.

So they crack down on them - implementing harsh punishments and strict rules and regulations.

This can be seen in the media who are always calling for tougher punishments and screaming "Burn in Hell!"

They promote police action and war to protect their property and privilege.

Be aware that this is what it is for - to keep you in line.

Elites are established by violence and maintained by fear.

And it is these elites who crucified Jesus.

The sign over the cross King of the Jews was a warning to the Israelites to obey their masters.

It's a bit like You're Fired! today.

And if you are fired you'll work for the dole.

It's designed to keep people in fear so they'll do what they're told.

Work Harder!

Or else.

The I-Ching calls this bad government.

It is darkness and evil.

And it is opposed to the benevolent will of Heaven.

It does not come from God.

It is the fear and greed of the ruling elites.

And its days are numbered.

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