Friday, 13 October 2017


It was a set-up from the beginning.

Satanic rock bands in the 1960s pushed drugs as a method of enlightenment.

In this they were following Aleister Crowley - an early 20th Century black magician and Satanist who used drugs and Yoga to gain special powers.

But this was sabotage - "White Light/White Heat", "Blinded by the Light", "Beauty and the Beast". "It's no Game", "Ashes to Ashes", "Shock the Monkey" etc.. - were designed to cause psychic accidents which would result in damnation by the religious powers.

Whole generations were condemned to spiritual oblivion by their rock bands.

And they're still there.

But the Hippies were innocent.

We were deliberately led astray and condemned by Satanic rock bands.

So pray to God.

He will deliver you and heal you.

Photo Credit: austin tx Flickr via Compfight cc

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