Thursday, 19 October 2017


Early in the 1980s an Indian Guru said to me, "A great catastrophe is about to befall mankind."

That catastrophe was represented astrologically by the transit of Pluto through its own sign of Scorpio (1985-1995).

This represents raw power and force.

And it was realized through the negative application of the high-powered imaginative energy source of Generation X.

Satanic rock bands ensured that this energy was manifested negatively.

And the negative aspects of Scorpio are: violence, intimidation, hate, force, vindictiveness, retaliation, horror, corruption, and evil.

It was mercenary, anti-religious, and dark.

It was accompanied by the AIDS Pandemic and the exposure of child sexual abuse in the Churches.

And that was our curse.

The catastrophe was that they won.

And we are still experiencing the consequences.

So the time has come to expose this black curse for what it is:

A social and spiritual catastrophe.

Photo Credit: STC4blues Flickr via Compfight cc

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