Saturday, 26 August 2017


So how can we escape the web of evil created by rock stars and celebrities?

First of all we must stop listening to rock music altogether.

All rock bands and pop stars are involved in this Satanic conspiracy.
Even if the music seems benign and sugary on the surface there may be Satanic symbolism and suggestion hidden below.

Most of this is done below the surface on the unconscious level.
So it may not be evident on the surface.

We cannot afford to just take things at face value.

As a remedy we can listen to classical music - especially sacred choral music - which creates a more harmonious state of mind.

Secondly we must be discriminating in what we watch - on T.V., in movies, even in sports - all these things contain Satanic influences.

Watch for flames (hell), skulls (death), funerals, black, darkness, night, madness, depression, suicide, horns (the devil), spiders (webs), snakes, idols etc.....

All these things betray the Satanic nature of the entertainment.

And that's not all.

They will try to get money out of you by addicting you to their product.

Addict, fiend, beast, monster, animal, punisher, dominator, filthy, wicked, lust.....

All these things seek to addict you.

Even violent and evil words and comments by sporting commentators and stars will tell you how they think.

Instead contemplation of religious or beautiful artistic images and poetry will lead your mind away from such disturbing influences and towards harmony and peace.

You might even read the Bible with discrimination.

Sitting quietly in the garden listening only to the song of the birds may help you find peace.

These alternative practices will help you to escape the web of evil which permeates our multi-media network.

Solitude, quiet, silence, prayer.

All these things lead to God.

Go into your room and close the door.

Pray to God.

He will hear.

And He will deliver you.

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